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  1. The only reason anyone bows to the Queen, is as a form of respect, and even then it's a very quick bow. The Queen bows her head to the Colours (Regimental Flags) of the Armed Forces as her sign of respect. No one worships the Queen, as she is not seen as a God. She is the British head of state, and represents the country in her engagements and international visits. (Although in Gurkha culture, Kings/Queens are viewed as Gods, so they swear a direct oath to the Queen when joining the Army) As I see it, people who haven't lived under a Monarchy, are entitled to their opinions, but shoul
  2. Not to mention the other 51 countries. Commonwealth
  3. My point was, the Armed forces were set up by the Monarchy. I disagree with the the catching up, look at the Japanese. They have an Emperor and are one of, if not the, most technologically advanced nation in the world. I think having the constitutional monarchy in Britain has been a much better blessing than absolute monarchy. More on the financial point, the Monarchy also pay taxes. The Queen earns about 37 Million pounds a year so as to pay the Royal family, maintain the palaces, and deal with expenses etc The Queen pays back into the Treasury. 37 Million pounds, to us that
  4. Just to add that Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg all have monarchies too.
  5. Do you want to know what it costs to keep the monarchy? 66p a year from every person in the UK. That's 66p to uphold the tradition and history of the nation, and to ensure a tourism industry within the country, which pays far more than the taxpayer does for the privilege. The Armed Services would not exist without the Monarchy, the very fibre of the British nation has been built up around the Monarchy and the Kings/Queens. The Queen hosts/attends over 200 different international events every year, she does not stop working. There are no days off. She does not go on holiday. She represe
  6. Yes, I have been there. I meant it in there ARE definitely regional dialects and accents that differ, but there are also very generic accents that cover various areas. In Bristol, you have a generic Bristolian accent, then there's the South Bristol accent, and the North Bristol accent. These vary a lot depending on whether it's female or male speaking. More so than in the UK, where you know instantly you're in a different place because word usage, vocab, dialect, accent and phrases change very abruptly.
  7. G'day Sarah, I remember you. How's things.
  8. You have an Avatar of the Royal Air Force. Either take it off, or start liking GSTQ. Frankly, It depends on who/what is paying/singing God save the queen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0n-GkG_hQo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yr__-KqnfQM&feature=related
  9. Now, a part of me wants to know what her parents do as a profession, as I've only ever heard of very important people having their children taken and ransomed.
  10. Damn right they should! Brilliant stuff. I have several books written by Clarkson, and in each of them he does lash out at the more useless public sector workers (health & safety etc).
  11. Good, I hope those responsible got swift unreserved justice brought to them. As well as several tazers and a baseball bat to the face.
  12. SomeBloke


    Can you press the caps lock key to disengage caps? Are you from the Middle East? What is your star sign?
  13. Ack! I'm an avid BBC Top Gear fan and will remain so. I do watch the USA version, and while it can be entertaining (I enjoyed the race to key-west and the moonshine runner challenge) there's no real relationship between the presenters. They also have ridiculous names, I mean Tanner Foust, Rutledge Wood? They sound like some weird 70s porn movie names or some sort of heavy machinery brand. I would like to see the US version go up against the UK version. The German/Australian show-downs were hilarious, and brilliant. Though I'm not sure how the Americans would take the constant bickering/
  14. To sum up how we've ended up with such drizzle covered ice cream. Call of Duty 1 turns up, creating clans and matches and tournaments United Offensive arrives: it builds upon the CoD1 gameplay, with vehicles, maps and MP modes. CoD2 arrives; It takes everything CoD1+UO had, makes it better, improves graphics, and makes everyone happy. CoD3 arrives; Is over-looked CoD4 arrives: Everyone proclaims it as amazing, and many good reviews are made, and much death and destruction online occurs. Modern Warfare 2: CoD4 with nice shiny things but not much else Modern Warfare 3: Fewer Shiny
  15. Palestine and Israel are the Middle East equivalent of Northern Ireland's "Troubles" Neither side will give up their homes/land, so they go about blowing each other to pieces, whilst the average citizen gets caught in the middle. Frankly, both sides need a good slap from the UN and sorted out properly.
  16. Lets not forget that a LOT of the Afghan National Army and Police very much want to have their country back from the Taliban. They're grateful that Britain/America/ANZACs/NATO is helping train them and teach them how to deal with the Taliban threat.
  17. I'm the same, if I feel sick and my stomach doesn't feel right, being sick usually helps me feel better. It's a rubbish moment when actually being sick, but I know it will benefit me in the long run.
  18. @PhotoPhantom, you look remarkable similar to the Phelps twins.
  19. To be honest, with the current culture that the late 90s-early 00s generation have grown up in, it isn't really shocking to me. They're being told by the media it's "cool" to get pregnant at 13, "cool" to smoke and drink at 14, "cool" to steal cars and carry knives, "cool" to not work, and most of all it's "cool" to not respect discipline and authority. Chavs, Gangstas, Wiggas, Pikeys, Gypsies, whatever they are, they all fall under 1 category in my book, Crime ridden scumbags. The majority, of course, aren't in a position to be able to work, can't afford decent living, and have poverty t
  20. Don't worry, all police riot vans are pretty sturdy, with metal cages over the windscreen.
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