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  1. You gotta be kidding me... My god, ugliest dress ever! She looks good, like pretty, but that is not a good luck for her, don't care how "egdy" it is. I don't see how you can call that dress pretty either.. IMO
  2. Haha, owling is even more lame than planking! Didn't think that was possible. And I don't think she was attempting that, just a pose.
  3. I eat a few almonds when I get cravings for sweets, works like a charm!
  4. I love those sunglasses. And Rupert.
  5. It was the a camp for youths connected to the Labour Party in Norway. It was political, to teach the LP a lesson, to stop people joining the party. It had nothing to do with Jesus. He said that he expected being hated, but that in 60 years we'll understand why he did it. Which is ridiculous, he's a mad man. He says in his manifesto that he's had contact with right-wing extremist in the UK, but they said they haven't met him. And Breivik said that there are still two "cells" somewhere in Norway/Europe. We don't really know.
  6. He was really, really good in DH P2. One of the best. His reaction to his brother's death was so real, you could feel how much devistated he was.
  7. ^ He does! That's what makes him Snape. I though Alan did a good job, don't think he deserves an Oscar though, but I totally started crying when he went into the room and saw Lily dead.
  8. I saw it for the first time tonight in 3D. And it was really good. I wasn't expecting much after reading reviews, and this thread, but I was pleasantly surprised. But of course there were some things I didn't like. Like, the whole Harry/Voldemort flying around and crashing into things, that was lame. And I thought it was very little dialog if you know what I mean, there wasn't a whole lot of talking When Ginny rushed and was "protecting" Harry when that Slytherin girl said that someone had to take him or whatever, that was lame too, poor acting. I thought the acting was very good, everyone di
  9. Saying it's offensive, is offensive imo. Of course women should be able to breastfeed wherever they want!
  10. Yes. He planted the bomb in Oslo (the capital) then drove to Utøya, about 3-40 km north-east of Oslo, he got on the boat (posing as a policeman) and then opened gunfire. He went on shooting for around an hour before the police arrived. Utøya is an island where 600-700 youths were gathered for a political summercamp.
  11. This is not what i wanted to wake up to today. Over 80 kids?!! That's.... i don't even have words.
  12. This is CRAZY. Here in tiny little Norway. Can't believe it. Looks like a freaking battlefield!! This is unbelievable. The government has received threats from islamic groups, but it actually happening is insane. Jesus. & now there have been reports of a shooting just outside Oslo, Utøya, where over 700 kids were gathered on a summercamp. A man descised as a police officer has fired the shots.
  13. I highly doubt it, sadly. I hope so, but doubt it. Though the fans totally deserve it.
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