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  1. Yeah, with everything that’s happening with Spencer, all the other storylines are kinda on the back burner. Filler storylines. Okay, the red coat girl; I don’t think it’s Mona. Cause in the season 2 finale, the red coat girl comes to visit her in the loony bin. Also, it not her digging the grave, I’m sure of it. Plus, reading a little bit about the upcoming episodes, I have a feeling that Mona is a double agent and that she will eventually help the girls. And come to think of it, she already has – by exposing Toby! And telling them about Maya’s site (in secret codes, if you re
  2. Amazing episode! And what made it amazing is the motha’effin’ Spencer!! Love, love, love Spence! The way she blew off Jason and the girls in the coffee shop actually made me fist pump. It’s kinda strange in a way, that at her most broken she sees more clearly. I love this version of her. Some people say that the grave ruining (is that a grave? What’s the name for that thing? Oh, who cares.) was a bit too much, but have they forgotten the fact that Toby is on the fucking A-team? I mean, really? After everything they have done to the girls, a little grave doodle is child’s play. Abso
  3. I do love getting up on that soapbox. Even with something silly as a tv show. But it's nice to know it's appreciated even though I confuse myself with my rants. I guess it's understandable cause this damn show is so confusing!!! Reply,though. With anything that comes to mind. It's clear that we don't know what the hell we're talking about! Just throwing ideas and theories left and right. I guess that is the point of this mess. Speculate and then feel like an idiot later. I mean, if I had a dollar for every time I thought I cracked something, only to be left feeling like a wooly-minded simpl
  4. Oh man,I can't wait to see Silver Linings Playbook!! I have to wait a little bit longer,but I've seen the trailer so many times I know it by heart.
  5. Pitch Perfect. Kinda cheesy with all the effin' singing,but it was actually quite funny.
  6. My love for Spencer Hastings has just gone up one billion notches! She stole the episode. The new Spencer is a badass mofo and I love it! I loved her before,but now I wanna kneel and kiss the ground she walks on. Every single word that came out of her mouth was god's honest truth. Finally someone called Ali out on her bullshit and on their own. The toilet scene with Emily and the kitchen scene with Aria were spot on. Plus,the walking out of the study room was legendary. I mean,I'm blown away by Spencer in this episode. Hanna!! Haha,I love that lunatic. I was in stitches whenever she was
  7. I know you do. I was pullin’ yo leg and displaying gratuitous usage of gifs. Well, Paige doesn’t need to be a betrayer, she just needs to follow Emily’s pattern of disappearing girlfriends. Or better yet, true to her word, Spencer will destroy her! And then swoop Em of her feet and make usage of her nana’s couch. Yeah, come to think of it, what happened to Spencer’s college application? The one she stupidly gave to Cece. I know she received an e-mail from the school, but something tells me Cece screwed her over big time. Or did they just chose to ignore that storyline altoge
  8. Well, excuse me for having excessive thoughts on the subject. Come on, it’s pll. Everyone is weird. Even their own shadows are weird. But yeah, Paige is super creepy. One thing that sticks in my mind and is the biggest thing I have against her is the text Emily got when she was dating that blond chick. Cause Emily was kinda involved with Paige but broke it off and started seeing Samara. Then Em gets an A text to slip her phone number to Samara’s friend, leading to her dumping Emily. Now why would A do that? She gains absolutely nothing from it. Unless the A text was from Paige, cause
  9. Okay, I scrapped some time, downloaded the episodes and...damn. Where to start? The whole Maya thing. Now that I’ve seen all the episodes and how it all played out, I’m even more pissed! The fuck? It was completely pointless storyline. It had nothing to do with A or Alison’s death. The way they hyped it up, what with ‘Maya knew’ crap, and the website, you would think it would be some mind-blowing revelation. But no. Just some psycho with major rejection problem. I knew that Nate dude was the camp guy. I just knew it. I don’t know how people didn’t see it right away, it was s
  10. I don't care about actors and their trophies,but I'm gonna watch it for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler!! They are hosting! Yaaaay. And I'd like for Jennifer Lawrence to win cause she's bonkers and I love it.
  11. I'm so behind!! Haven't seen a lot of the 3rd season,but I know Mona is in a looney bin (Arie! Go few pages back when we were speculating and I said that Mona is A! Before the season 2 ended. HA! Called it),I knew that Nate dude is the psycho from the juvie camp from the first episode he showed up. I just knew it. I haven't seen an episode,but I know he's dead or severely injured or something. And I know Toby is a hooded hooligan. That's about it. Gotta catch up on the season 3. P.S. Still pissed they killed Maya! And I'll be pissed forever. Unless she's actually alive. *fingers crossed* Do
  12. I'm one day younger than Emma Watson. And that is actually how I keep tabs on my age. 'Oh,Emma is 22. I guess I am too.'
  13. Pope on twitter? Hm,I believe this is what's known as target confusion. I have so many possible jokes that I don't know which one to go for.
  14. Warning! Picture displays disturbing content! You regret clicking? Don't say I didn't warn you!
  15. I knew it! Those cheeky bastards! I mean,look at 'em Cute my arse!
  16. Oh,good thing I added 'supposedly'! Still,they are weird little creatures. I'm sure they have some nasty habits. Like,compulsive lying or hording...whatever it is,Imma find out!
  17. Imma join some hippy,naturalist commune and disassociate myself from humanity. Or go live with the wolves...yeah,that's a better option. Animal fact - did you know that supposedly penguins topple over when an aircraft flies above them? They look up when air-crafts are flying over and follow 'em till they drop flat on their backs.
  18. Hey! Yes,I remember you. We've never really spoken,per say,but I do remember you. Welcome back! Honestly,I don't know that much about Gender Dysphoria (did I even spell it right?),so I don't really know the 'proper' etiquette,you know,should I say sorry or...I don't know,please excuse my awkward,ignorant ways! But I do know that I'm super chuffed you didn't close your 'old' account! It's admirable that you are being yourself and not apologizing for it. It's rare in this day and age to see someone be true to themselves and being proud of it,so I applaud you for not taking the 'easy way out'
  19. You started it! Scroll up dude,scroll up! And now you're accusing me of bullying? Unbelievable. Yea,the topic....wind is cool,you know it's useful... when you're sailing...and paragliding.
  20. Oh,how mature. Face it lady,you got nothin' on me!
  21. What? You can dish it out but can't take it?
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