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  1. ^ I just went through a few videos that I had of her and I thought that particular clip was very cute xD no doubt there's others like it though.
  2. Haven't been using photoshop a whole lot lately, but I made an Emma gif. If you want to use it, feel free to
  3. The trailer looked great until Kristen showed up. I don't like her acting :/
  4. This is awesome! And very emotional, too. Shows you how beautifully Emma has grown.
  5. Isn't this kind of advertising that brown eyes aren't as beautiful as blue eyes? :/ That's really sad. I think all eye colors are pretty, and people look so much better with their natural color (colored contact lenses = boo!!) I have brown eyes, and yes, I'll admit that sometimes I didn't feel as if they were that great. But I wouldn't ever change them! Besides, I'd look so bad with blue eyes.
  6. Looking good as always! And you're a guy, silly - hair isn't a problem at all. xD Yay, messy writing behind me
  7. Actually, that was Cassie Ventura. xD ------------ Anne. Amanda Seyfried or Emma Roberts
  8. That's how I feel!! I'll be in a pool and feel like there's a shark behind me. I'm terrified of swimming at night, too. Imagination goes into overdrive XD
  9. So they were tiny but you resized them to be bigger? That just makes them blurry lol But they do look very nice otherwise good job!
  10. I can swim. I guess I'd say I'm an average swimmer. I get tired very quickly, and I don't go swimming that often anyway. The last time I swam was when I went snorkeling in May O.o
  11. Two of my friends actually go to PSU and one of them was just telling me a few minutes ago how people won't shut up about the "football side" of it. It isn't about football, it's about what he did to children.. Even though I don't think too much about college football (or any football really haha), I find this very shocking and...sad.
  12. If someone asks, "Are you okay?" you respond with: Ice, LIGHTS What would best describe your personality? Vencer Distâncias, Marcus Menna What do you like best about the opposite gender? Imagem, Kacau Gomes How do you feel today? My Boots (Remix), LIGHTS What is your life's purpose? Fall Back Down, LIGHTS What is your motto? Things I'll Never Say, Avril Lavigne What do your friends like about you? Immortals Battle, Tyler Bates What do you think of your parents? Mean, Taylor Swift What do you think about often? Break Your Little Heart, All Time Low What do you want to be when you gro
  13. Trying to do my math homework and can't understand it at all. Stupid math.
  14. I meant about 99% of the people on tumblr post photos and they don't even know who the photographer of that picture was. That's what really bugs me.
  15. American Eagle jeans Kutztown University t-shirt Bluenotes Hoodie Socks from Kohl's
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