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  1. yea its good to be back haha, and idk where jen is, i haven't talked to her in months, actually no one hasn't :/ i think she just may have gotten to busy with work or something. So rupert is going to attend some of the swimming events?
  2. sorry i've had so much going on in my life this last 9 months that i really hadn't had time to post on the thread >.< but i'm back now and hopefully its for good, haha. I'm glad you like my Lady A siggy, their my favorite band haha
  3. its been so long since i've been on! i'm so out of the loop, but hopefully i'll be on here more haha
  4. me too, and watching tv and trying to keep my mind off things
  5. I usually pre-order and buy all of my games at Gamestop.
  6. I agree, I liked that they added those scenes in and they really didn't take that many scenes out that were in the book. And I agree that they did stay more true to the book than Harry Potter movies did.
  7. I agree with Jade ardi, how the hell can you compare it to Twilight o.o, it's waaaaaaaaaaay better than Twilight.
  8. happy birthday ardi!!!! don't party too hard
  9. i don't think they cut out quite that much, but some of the scenes they added in i think were good to add in because it gives us a sense of whats to come in the next film
  10. that doesnt mean i'm upset, i was just saying i thought that was a rumor, doesn't mean i was upset. and i also don't appreciate you assuming stuff, even if it was as simple as me being upset. its just one of the things that really annoy me.
  11. and why would you think i'm upset? i'm not upset about anything, and i'm a fan myself thanks. i'm more than happy that their making 4 films but how was i supposed to know that they had announced it? all i heard was their was a rumor, thats all.
  12. well idk where you heard that the director has confirmed them splitting a book into 2 parts, because i haven't and i go on sites like Hypable and not once have they made an article saying the director Gary Ross said this, that it was only rumored. Edit: well i looked and looks like you were right for once, and its gonna be mockingjay thats gonna be split into 2 parts.
  13. theres already a topic about my week with marilyn, you should have posted this in here
  14. nothing has been said about splitting the film into 2 parts by the way, it's just a rumor. any yes there were some parts that were emotional, just saying.
  15. I know that part of the book was sad but I also like Peeta o.o but Kim you know how I said I was seeing it on sunday? Well I got to see it today and I'm seeing it again tomorrow I do have to admit, imo, it's a better book to film adaptation than the Harry Potter films were, and this is coming from a Harry Potter fan. The Hunger Games is deff worth reading and seeing.
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