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  1. Showcase your outfits that you feel were a real bargain!
  2. I miss Glee...anyone been watching "The Glee Project" on Oxygen?
  3. I've be obsessed with McDonalds nuggets lately, with the new dipping sauces!
  4. Baked Potatoes! Corn on the cob or off?
  5. "Mad World" I downloaded 2 different versions off itunes just now Erlenda Bratland - Mad World Tara Maclean - Mad World
  6. I was in Show Choir back in High school so I love Wicked, RENT, HairSpray,
  7. I'm listening to The Beatles on Pandora radio. lol
  8. I agree. A co-worker has it and gave me his email to I could get an invite...but I don't know if I'm interested or not lol I really don't know much about it.
  9. Very excited for BD in November!
  10. Have some shows on DVR I need to get caught up on. The Glee Project then Real Housewives of NJ
  11. I'm hoping to go see this soon. The trailer made it look pretty funny
  12. Jmarie2008

    I Love

    animals crackers. LOL
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