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  1. Haha I'd rather be on your time anyways Lolls . Thankyou so much! I love you lots and lots. Thankyou Dina! I'm sorry I missed your bday . FL like a bit of an ass now for that
  2. Happy birthday Jen!!!!!! Jon beat me to it bet he was counting down the minutes . I love you loads! Have a good day
  3. Happy Birthday Emma!! I suck at photoshop so I couldn't make you anything sorry . I love you though sis, I hope you have a great day today
  4. Will be 17 on June....17th
  5. Old Topic I know, but I didn't talk to him (wish I did), but I walked right past The Rock (WWE wrestler and Actor) in the sunset place mall in Miami. He ooked busy so I didn't bother him. Plus dad wouldn't let me xD I was 8
  6. Austin!


    Fucking hell! I read the post wrong. *hides*
  7. Austin!


    Lolly? (Lollycakes)
  8. Actually what you said about PS3 and Xbox 360's graphics being the same is wrong. PS3 has better graphics but really only a trained eye would notice. This is because the PS3 has Blu Ray discs instead of standard DVD. I do, however own an xbox and a playstation and like the xbox a lot more. I actually haven't even played the playstation in months. The online service is much more smooth then the Playstation and the exclusives definitely are worth it. I do miss some of the Playstation exclusives like God of War and Resistence.
  9. The crappiest one out there that i still love even though I have proven it is slower. Internet Explorer
  10. Banned for being dperessing
  11. The last time jobs left Apple, Apple didn't do too well. I hate the perception of Apple being the best, but like Jeremy, I respect Jons for the great mind he was. may you rest in peace. To Apple, you have a hell of a lot to live up too, goodluck!
  12. I use the free antivirus from AVG. It works fine as long as you don't do anything stupid.
  13. Austin!

    In my pants

    Up All Night in my pants
  14. Just listening to Music, about to get some easy homework done.
  15. Revining this thread before it dies! Chris out P in
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