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  1. thanks for saying you love this topic ! and yes, i quite agree. aspecially when snape was in school as well.....the coolest people for me, are people who never tries to BE cool,i guess.
  2. Hey, i was wondering. who's the coolest character for you in Harry potter.... not the best fighter, not the sexiest...not the smartest.....just, the coolest ?? for me, to be honest...i kinda think Luna is the coolest of all... probably, because she doesnt care what others think.
  3. ......... ............. .. this is amazing. feeling super sad now, .....wow, what a journey ! ...... long live us !, the real hp lovers.
  4. omg cant wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. i would give the resorection stone to my dad, so that he could chat with his father...even just for 10min... invisibility cloak i would use for myself...im a very curious person. wand,....no idea. probably use it as well. love magic.!
  6. mm. the ring i always wear. my long vintage necklace. my notes book. my dog, (merlin) hehe my guitar. my leather jacket...hehe. these are so obvious tho, people would guess these things.
  7. (off topic) @Ashley..... i LOVE LOVE LOVE your siggy ! aaah
  8. hahaha. why does only ron have a belly. pfff hahah
  9. omg!!!!!!!!!! thats the most beautiful pic ive ever seen of rupert ! nice one.
  10. hahah ! love this thread. thank u for making me laugh !*
  11. Hi All ! i was just wondering who is your favourite HP actor, why, ? and your favourite pic of them. of course everyone love dan, rupert and emma. <3 as i do to. but recently, with Snape's story and the incredible sacrifice and beauty behind it, for today...im going with alan rickman.
  12. aaah sounds awesome ! marauder era, will probably be about James, Sirius, Lupin and idiot Pettigrew, yes ?
  13. ^ but exactly ?? abra cadabra sounds stupid, like conjuring up a cobra, pff, hehe
  14. i want to say auror, but i honestly think with voldy gone, it would be the most boring job ever,....i would like to be a hippocriff breeder, hah ! i know its not on the list, but im starting it !
  15. this is sooo good. ? i really dont even think i know my own desperate desires, ? i think, to be very honest !...i would see, this fantacy world of harrypotter to be true, i'd see myself standing infront of hogwarts or something, wearing gryffindor robes... that !, or....having my own family, my own child, with my beautiful fiance, Dumbledore definatly, saw Areana alive, and well, and all of them together i guess? ...or grindewald...? i think his family.
  16. hah !!! theres so many... id have to re he heally narrow it down...mmm PS. Dumbledores whole speech about the mirror of erised, so true, and incredible. COS...Dumbledore again...'it is not our abilities that show who we truly are, it is our choices' POA. i looof the song in the beginning. love the lyrics. GOF, hehe...when harry tells neville he's really not interested in plants..."now, if there's a...Tebetan ...Turnip !???" lol OOTP. - Prophecy !. HBP. 'u dare use my own spells against me?? IM the half blood prince !" muwhaha DH - everything ! ..... 'after all this time? ....
  17. haha, interesting posts... mine would probably...i dunno, its difficault,? i dont really fear, spiders, snakes and all that jazz... i fear, fear itself. what would that look like ?
  18. thats difficault. i love both ron and hermione so much ! but my favourite charaters, would probably Snape and Harry. (in that order) Harry did what he had to, and i just love him, for who he is, his bravery...but the thing is...everyone knew him to be a 'hero'..and he got credit for 'living'...dunno? but snape...i dunno, for me, hes the real hero....a real hero, does what he needs to, and keeps on doing it, even if he doesnt get recodnized for it !...his whole life, people hated him, ..yet, he never really hated anyone in return. hes the real hero,
  19. the only times i really cried in harry potter, was. firstly, in GOF, at the end, when Dumbledore talks...about Cedrics death ect. the 'funeral' besically.. then. Dumbledore death ! in the book as well. ! while reading the books, i really cried, from my heart, when Snape died....and when harry was walking towards the forbidden forest, under the invisibility cloak.....i cried the whole time and had to stop to wipe my eyes, to read furthur, .... but during my journey with harry potter, i cried the hardest , loudest and the deepest....in DH part 2. when Snape died. !!!! ... it was brutal
  20. mmm...professor snape ! ...but if i HAD to go with a student, as i'm one, hehe i'd ask..Krum / Ron
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