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  1. I wouldn't choose it as my favourite Italian city. It was nice and multicolored, filled with history and magnificent but still the very smell was troubling and ruined all the romance for me. It makes you feel nostalgic and holds a sense of wonder but it was not as enchanting as I expected it to be.
  2. Roooooooooooooooome. Or maybe Oslo, I can't decide which one appeals to me more. I love the spirit of Rome, the sense of walking on history itself, as I am very fond of the Ancient World, but then again Oslo gave me a feeling I've never expected to feel in a northern city, it was the most welcoming of all the cities I've been to and oh so lovely.
  3. I was wondering, when the welcome e-mails are starting to be sent.. will they have an expire date? Like the registration ones had 48 hours to be open?
  4. Is this coming out to be a video? Or just photos? Just wondering.. AND yes, they do look adorable!
  5. Bomaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I missed your graphics so much since I haven't been here for ages! But on the older forum, OMG I'm a huge fan of you! I don't know if you remember me, anyways, I was so proud when I saw the beautiful new layout on the site and I immediately thought of you and I thought 'yeah, she is brilliant' And all of your latest work, everything, breathtaking ♥
  6. AW! You make wonderful stuff <3 When I saw your Rachel set I was like x_O lovely colors and everything ♥ ps.stupid tinypic! it ruins everything with the quality! i have given up on that =/
  7. Is that papparazzi carrying his own lamp?! WTF that is hilarious Anyway, Emma looks all natural and stunning, love her casual style <3
  8. Once you're figured your answer and done the multiplying, you should open a new window in your internet browser and type in this URL adress: "www.quill.pottermore.com/ " and after the slash you must add the numer you've calculated. It's like the way to open up the clue rather than typing it in a box. Then as Laura said you'll be redirected to a site where you should watch out for the magical quill - it's unmissable and it's easy from then on. I really hope that's what you were trying to figure out and I helped.
  9. Today's clue was really easy. I was freaking out since I was on the phone with my bff and I screamed and couldn't find the quill and it was just ridiculous lol But I'm very happy with my username - LeviosaSpirit82 ^^
  10. You don't have anything to worry about, the ending was magnificent as well as the whole movie. I (who generally deny the existing of the epilogue on shipper's conditions) was really moved by the 19 years later. You're gonna love it, promise ♥
  11. Truly, I am smitten, you know. You will die of satisfaction with this movie. I can't really describe how wonderful it was. I'm not gonna spoil anything now but I just as might say that: After the 6th time I cried, I stopped counting. And 'The Prince's Tale' finished me. Tears went on till I got home. Really, guys, one in a lifetime experience. <3
  12. I'm watching it tomorrow at noon, I CAN'T WAIT. Then I'm seeing it again on Friday. Then again on Tuesday. A friend called to watch her on the 14th. Busy, busy I sure hope the 3D is good, I normally dislike it.
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