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    fight the sleepiness zzzz
  2. getting ready for work but also stalling, as you can see
  3. being too lazy for my own good
  4. lol I can't have carpet because I get terrible allergies you really do like my room Dax thanks!
  5. you are so beautiful! aw your dress is mermaid-ish; super pretty! You have dark eyelashes; you lucky girl Your brother is talented and I absolutely like your look You're cute! but now I want some Starbucks me faking short hair
  6. I like the shapes and lines and angles of your body.
  7. wow opened this thread to say the same exact thing I have already posted before... *thinks of something else* a closet full of dresses!
  8. sharpies, always and forever. check my art album to see why =]
  9. i definitely have a crush on him and he is definitely 36 ------------------------------------------- cards that my art students made for me!
  10. thinking what to wear for when I see him later
  11. You are so cute and I love your hair color
  12. Millennium

    A R T

    ^Thanks! ---------------------------------------------- I close my eyes. I pray. I pray all the evil things go away--but I don't want to be alone. I am confused everyday.
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