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  1. I have a tumblr. You all probably don't care cause none of you all really know me. But if you wanna check it out you can. http://hollielovesyou.tumblr.com/
  2. Hoarding: Buried Alive This show makes me anxious. I just want to clean everyone's houses.
  3. Flightless Bird, American Mouth- Iron & Wine
  4. true/false. Had a job at my school, but last week was my last week there. But I'll probably have a babysitting job in a few weeks when public schools let out. Likes Doctor Who?
  5. Personally I have absolutely nothing against gay people. I think they're awesome. I'm friends with a few! But there are several verses in the Bible that suggest homosexuality is a sin. That isn't something that can be changed. We don't have the right to say "gay people are cool therefore I think homosexuality is right!" Just because society glamorizes it (and trust me, it really does make it look glorious and like a beautiful thing.....) doesn't mean it is right in God's eyes. Everything in the Bible is inspired by God. It wasn't written by ignorant, biased, judgmental people. It was written
  6. Anything that David Crowder Band does. Like, I'm obsessed with them. I have a lot of favorite Christian songs really. And it changes a lot depending on what plays on the radio at the time. I'm really into White Flag by Chris Tomlin at the moment. That's on the radio a lot, but I heard it first at Passion and loved it then. Gotta say though, David Crowder Band. Literally everything they do, I'm in love.
  7. NSYNC Switchfoot x2 Reliant K x2 Toby Mac Barlow Girl Jonas Brothers x9 Jordan Pruitt Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Avril Levigne x2 Demi Lovato x2 Jordan Sparks x5 Honor Society x7 Lifehouse Joan Jett Cheetah Girls x2 Everlife Push Play x2 Emily Osment Third Day x2 Newsboys x2 Fireflight Tenth Avenue North Kutless Francesca Battistelli Newsong Sidewalk Prophets Chris August David Crowder Band x2 + performances at Passion David Crowder by himself Hawk Nelson Hillsong United Chris Tomlin at Passion Kristian Stanfill at Passion Matt Redman at Passion Charlie Hall at Passion Lecrae at Passion Needto
  8. My BF and I have talked about Germany. Sounds random, I know! But we saw this Adventures by Disney destination in Germany and it sounded extremely fun. So we talked about, if we got married, doing the Adventures by Disney in Germany as a honeymoon.
  9. I am blessed to be given life. I am thankful for the opportunity to spread the word of God and praise his glorious name and not be ashamed!
  10. God, Bible, family, my boyfriend, music, my church family, the youth minister at my church and his wife, coffee, hot tea, warm blankets, Doctor Who
  11. Doctor Who theme song. Matt Smith's series.
  12. I remember Enigma. I was first a member in 2004. I've had to rejoin this board like 50 times it seems! Not literally. Maybe 4. But yeah, I've been around awhile as well.
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