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  1. Ditto Pumpkinhead, I think you're awesome too.

  2. Happy Birthday Karen

  3. Happy Birthday Courtney

  4. Congratulations on graduating, I'm very proud. I love how you are going for your masters too. I'm in my last year at uni, if I pass everything I graduate the following year.

  5. Where have you been Ardi?

  6. Thanks Pumpkinhead. May next year be a good year for you too.

  7. Hey Jeremy, congratulations on graduating.

  8. Who are those people behind you in your profile picture?

  9. Thanks for remembering my Americano birthday!

  10. Hi Arie, you made a good point about student progress charts, I will keep that in mind in the future.

  11. Thanks for adding me as one of your friends, that was pretty nice of you.

  12. I'm good thanks

  13. I like your new profile picture.

  14. I like your new profile picture.

  15. Happy Birthday Jeremy!

  16. Happy Birthday Sarah!

  17. Happy Birthday Sarah!

  18. I hope it all gets fixed.

  19. Hi Sarah, how are you?

  20. Hi Sarah, how are you?

  21. * leaves cat outfit for Jon*

  22. * leaves cat outfit for Jon*

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