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  1. Probably would be continuing to watch Hwarang, it's a Korean Historical Drama.
  2. I confess that I'm obsessed with Korean Historical Dramas.
  3. I miss when my hair was healthy and thick.
  4. I love long hairs on little girls.. can't wait for my daughter's hair to grow so long.
  5. I wish there were 4 days of weekends.
  6. Agradecemos enormemente todo su apoyo y compromiso. Que Dios los bendiga y te ha un excelente fin de semana â£ï¸ From my son's Teacher.
  7. And I do still have the same right now I can't believe that I had been buying the same brush, maybe because it's good and cheap, lol
  8. Bored and tired because of the pandemic, but however I'm hopeful.
  9. Wow, and now I'm so old, unacceptable, lol
  10. Nothing, lol, everyone is still sleeping and I'm here on the couch lying down to avoid making noises.
  11. About to watch Mirror of the Witch, I'm on episode 9
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