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    Emma Watson of course and none the less Harry Potter books and movies. Forums and Facebook!!
  1. No, however the press did catch her at the beach one time. Can't remember though what year and where?
  2. Bottom line any fanfic with emma in it is fine by me.
  3. Breakfast was home made pancakes with vanilla gelato Lunch was with a New York Strip steak and mashed potatoes Dinner was Salmon with a ceaser salad with a chocolate cheesecake All polished off with a warm cup of hot Chia Tea Latte.
  4. Hopefully she will be in that film, due to the fact i will watch it more and more. To see such a classy beauty like Emma!!
  5. Nice to be welcomed by such a nice warm and welcoming forum. Thank you all!
  6. I have two favorite characters Snape and Hermione.
  7. welcome to the forums. You will like it here!
  8. Admin900


    welcome i as well was on the older version too. it is good to be back on. Welcome
  9. Admin900

    Hey :)

    Hello welcome!! I love these forums and you will to.
  10. I like it!! This forums design is cool to. I think it is better than the older version
  11. Yes it is very good to be back!! It is like the good old days!! welcome
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