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  1. very, very early days oh come on I think me and blue chicken were the worst singers
  2. when I saw you with mr.E nickname, I thought Enigma was back OT : I used to be Tatjana not very creative :rofl:I didn't like the change of the names when forum kept restarting. but now, fresh start, fresh nickname
  3. 176 cm pretty tall for croatian girl standards
  4. @Joe : I love the hair from 2007 @dazza : love the picture with angels ^.^
  5. Hello, my name is Tatjana and I'm an al... no let's try it again... Hello, my name is Tatjana and I'm a forum addict ^.^ much better Anyways, I'm a pretty old member (first registred on EW in 2002) but last I didn't have much free time, so I kinda "forgot" about the forum but I'm back I love HP and LOTR, House MD and The Big Bang Theory. Also, I love music ^.^ it is one of the most important parts of my life =) Old rock and hip-hop are my favourites I'm currently studying to be a geologist (hope seismologist) and I just bought myself a new hammer no, I'm not kidding so, be g
  6. dazaaaaa Couple of weeks ago I was thinking about the old forums and remembered how you posted the video of you singing the anthem it was great ^.^
  7. red-bull really gives you wings Vettel <3
  8. The silence of the lambs by Thomas Harris (yes, the movies is based on this book )
  9. I just love him maybe if he was hm.. about 30 years younger, I would date him
  10. I don't work, but I'm studying to become a geologist one day ^.^ Seismologist to be specific
  11. wanted to be the ninth, but oh well 1. Hermione (Jade) 2. Sammy 3. BoMa 4. Flying Kiwi 5. Swarley 6. Yes 7. Emmazing French 8. ..::blueangel0::..
  12. I'm a newbie after 8 years woah but I like the new design ^.^
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