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  1. Thanks Gabby! You're right, it makes sense. Its better to be on the safe side.
  2. Hi Gabby, IHW gallery is may favorite! I have a little suggestion though - if you look at the photoshoots, they're all titled as "sessions" instead of mentioning what photoshoot it was. It would be great if each photoshoot is titled accordingly! Thanks
  3. I started listening to Taylor about 6 months ago (yeah, thats late!). Here's precisely how I got introduced to her: I'm a fan of Owl City, and there's a cover of Taylor's Enchanted (mentioning Taylor's name) by Adam Young. The story behind the song is interesting. Then I listened to the original version and liked it. I started listening to Taylor's most popular songs and liked them.. But the thing that got me to love her is her live performances. Her Speak Now world tour performance is simply fantastic! I just love her expressions of joy and happiness - the way she cherishes the moments of app
  4. Awwwww... Thank you soooooo much Elena you're a sweetheart ⤠Happy New Year to you too.. May you have all the best of everything in life... I'm so happy to have you as a friend... Love always! Xxx
  5. Emma's interview with W magazine with some emmazing vintage photos!
  6. I dont think she's leaving the forum.. She'll be around, so no need to be sad! She's just stepping down from her position as a mod, isn't she?
  7. *claps* *claps* Thanks a lot Kimmie! Glad she'll be around on FB and Tumblr!
  8. A Vogue UK article says Emma is among Britain's richest people under the age of 30!
  9. New interview of Emma with Fashion Magazine: Original source For a clearer version of the text, here's our facebook note.
  10. I agree.. though it would've been better if they had her for measurements, but they did a good enough job anyway. her eyes are too deep in the figure though.. her face and head is a teeny bit large relevant to rest of the figure, and I think her back is not nicely done.... there are flaws, yes - but its good, considerig the fact that Emma didn't have any measurement sessions for this figure!
  11. Would you believe if I say I was thinking of doing the same thing?!! I loooooooooooove it â¤
  12. I discovered it quite late, but I'm glad I did - we can now comment on our profile feed posts! Thats cool! Reminds me of Orkut's scrapbook.. But I dont think anyone here noticed it coz most of the forum members are using the old method, i.e. going to someone's profile and leaving a comment there..
  13. Happy Birthday Emz.... Hope you're having a great time... Enjoy!! â¤
  14. So as you can see, it works!! Thanks Though its the only small sized gif I've made... All the good ones are around 300 kb.
  15. I tried to upload an animated gif - size 106 kb.. but the same message comes up "The file selected is too large. Max 50kb"
  16. yes, I had the same problem - menu button wasnt working and I couldnt switch to full version... But now its all working fine for me!! Mobile version looks even cooler than the web one! I love the the new forum!!!
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