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  1. I am SO excited for this weekend! Finally get to see my Packers play a game again.
  2. I got in I was gonna give up at 2:30am my time this morning, but then I got ready for bed and decided to check one last time and the clue was up! I guess no one will be getting the welcoming "owls" this week at all yet.
  3. There were some really neat scenes in 3D, like the part where all the death eater's are trying to penetrate the protective bubble over Hogwarts and the fire in the RoR. Otherwise I didn't really notice it.
  4. I can't believe the final film comes out this week already! I'm seeing it at the midnight showing. In 3D which sucks but oh well.
  5. HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! :D :3m_sie:
  6. Yaaaay! I know I'm late, but congratulations! You deserve it!
  7. This Ain't A Scene - The Henry Clay People
  8. Congratulations to all the winners and runner ups!
  9. Exactly. I hate when articles like that make it seem like all Christians hate HP or in this case Emma Watson. That couldn't be further from the truth. Way to generalize...
  10. Yes, I'll watch it with one of my girl friends haha. I think the show is ridiculous, but I still get caught up in the plot. This season is kinda "meh" for me, I think the first 2 seasons were better. But yes, I suppose it's my guilty pleasure also. Plus the guys are nice to look at....
  11. They're amazing. I don't generally listen to that type of music because their more "folk", but I absolutely love them.
  12. Semisonic (first concert ever! Back when I was like 7 haha xD) The Getaway People Matchbox Twenty Alanis Morrisette Mute Math The Wallflowers Tesla Grace Potter And the Nocturnals Ryan Star David Cook The Script Green River Ordinance Blink-182 Panic! At The Disco Fall Out Boy There's a few more that I can't remember right now o.o
  13. 46 1/2 more hours and I will be watching it. :D
  14. Awww, Kim! That looks just like you! Adorable ^.^
  15. Some of you may have been wondering why we don't have a Sports Forum, Fashion Forum, or a few other forums that we used to have on the old forum. Well, the reason that we don't have them yet is because the Moderating team thought it would be a great idea if we gave the members a chance to run their own forums. So if you really want to have a sports forum, apply for it, get at least 10 members to show support for the forum (via a thread), and if your application is accepted, you'll be in charge of your own forum. Our requirements are: must be a good active member. Willing to make your forum
  16. Nope, I'm saving myself for the presidential election.
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