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  1. love this song too much, and the video too
  2. mmm wonderful, mcdo can supply us with chicken nuggets all day! im way too excited for this, it will be my first ever premiere!
  3. well if theres a whole bunch of us, bathroom breaks shouldnt be much of a problem should they? otherwise, dont drink...ANYTHING lol
  4. ahaha i love screaming and growling music. saw slipknot in 2008 for the first time. ive liked them since i was about 12...oddly enough. woot.
  5. at the moment im an assitant language teacher in Paris i'm aiming to be a French teacher or a translator
  6. I'm back Laura - formally known as Lauzzy from the old forum!
  7. hmm how about cookies and cauldron cakes!!! my friend is knitting us house scarves for the premiere. ahha so cant wait and its like 8 months away.. luckily i move back to the UK in May so ill get to go to the premiere
  8. awesome well it will be cool meeting people off here, been a member since 2007 hehe! i'll bake us all cookies or something
  9. yeah its going to be one hell of a lot of driving! but there will be 3 of us, all with licenses - so hopefully will be ok cant wait to see alnwick castle in scotland can anyone recommend cheap hotels in London that sleep 3-4 people? what would the meeting time is? i was thinking of getting there for like 4 or 5 am haha
  10. yeah it should be good. im upset because I wanted to go see HP at midnight tonight (in english, as i havent seen it in english yet) and all of my friends planned to go and didn't invite me. Looks like im seeing it on my own tomorrow then.
  11. the forum is so quiet these days :/ is it because we're kind of split over two forums? or are people just avoiding the forums for a moment because they havent seen the film yet and dont want to be spoiled? Oh by the way Me and me friend have planned to road trip to London for the Part 2 premiere next year! The french premiere was held in Tours last night, I was gonna go, but i had tickets to a pre-screening of the film so I went to that instead.
  12. Hello, me and my friend have decided to road trip down to London for the final premiere and then we're road tripping around UK/scotland to see harry potter sites, i.e the castle in scotland, leavesden studios, the hogwarts express in yorkshire!
  13. i saw this last night, it was really good, for UK'ers you can watch it on itv player online (just google itvplayer then search harry potter on the site) For non-uk'ers if you can manage to mask ur IP address you can watch it to, as ITV player detects your country and will only play to UK people. I reccommend expat shield, it gives u a uk ip addres.
  14. thanks a lot i just got back from seeing the film 4 real.... even tho it was in French i understood everything. I lovedddddddd it. Spoiler-ish?? Malfoy Manor was amazing but COULD have been better. I agree with ^
  15. I like the piano scene Im seeing it for real tomorrow at disneyland!!!! WOOOHOO! cant wait... but its the French version but sooooo goodo:D
  16. Ahoy there be spoilers ahead.... I cant actually describe how much i adore this film. It is amazing. it had me go through everykind of emotion, I cried when dobby died. I laughed a lot at some scenes, Harry and ron in the tent and harry trying to use the blackthorne wand! Hermione hitting ROn with the bag when he came back ahaha. the whole thing is sooo amazing. I was on the edge of my seat during the malfoy manor scene. It wasn't as much as i expected it to be but it was still amaazing. I was really impressed with Emma's performance in that scene. On the whole actually I wou
  17. Hey folks, it took me long enough to get here haha! its Lauzzy from the old forum. I've not been around for ages, I've been really busy with my new job as an english teacher in paris (did you know j.k rowling did the same thing?!?!? and in paris too!) I saw Deathly Hallows tonight! Although it isn't out in France until the 24th. ive managed to get tickets to a pre-screening on Monday however its the French version seeing it in English on Wednesday woohoo!! I wont spoil it for anybody but I will say that its FREAKING AMAZING ive missed you all xxx
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