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  1. i unno why new episode tonight!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. OMG THE VIDEO IS HOT!!!!!!!!!
  3. omgsh that's beautiful!!!! THANK YOU!!! <33333
  4. Ashley

    Manip Request

    really? yay! i'll look for pics and PM you
  5. Ashley

    Manip Request

    i was wondering if anyone could make a manip of me and Jared Padalecki? i want it for fun really haha. i don't have the pictures i want to use yet, but before i go searching and stuff, I want to make sure someone will be willing to make it. so can anyone make one ?
  6. it's weird that i can't remember life without Supernatural! and that picture is beautiful! Jensen has the best back in the world
  7. they really are. and i hope that in future episodes that Dean and Lisa will get back together, *crosses fingers*
  8. well they just play it like how youtube would play them. http://www.cwtv.com/cw-video/supernatural just go to full episodes and you can watch it just like watching a youtube video
  9. maybe just to visit? haha. hmm..maybe it's not even true! this would all be easier if the paps followered her more often haha
  10. but she's always put school first. i mean she made sure she'd be able to go to school during the last harry potter film. i don't think she'd just randomly decide otherwise? you know?
  11. i unno why she would transfer though. she always speaks so highly of Brown
  12. wallpaper please! size: 1366 x 768 pics: http://j-padalecki.org/imgs/albums/JARED/photoshoots/Lamione%20Photo%20Group%20by%20Tatiana/019.jpg http://j-padalecki.org/imgs/albums/JARED/photoshoots/Lamione%20Photo%20Group%20by%20Tatiana/020.jpg http://j-padalecki.org/imgs/albums/JARED/photoshoots/Lamione%20Photo%20Group%20by%20Tatiana/023.jpg http://j-padalecki.org/imgs/albums/JARED/photoshoots/Lamione%20Photo%20Group%20by%20Tatiana/025.jpg http://j-padalecki.org/imgs/albums/JARED/photoshoots/Larissa%20Underwood%202007/JP_Underwood2007_012.jpg just use whatever pics you can it doesn't have
  13. Ashley

    BoMa Graphics

    omgsh, beautiful beautiful stuff <3 LOVE the britney one <333
  14. love your stuff so much! like always
  15. he is so freaking good looking <3
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