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  1. Ashley

    Vivid Dreams

    okay i'll post it in your request thread love your new stuff <3
  2. omgsh i know!! it was the cutest thing in the world!! i was so upset when he became a vampire and ruined everything with Lisa and Ben he should've just told Lisa what was going on!!! it comes on Friday nights... and you can watch some of the new episodes on the CW website
  3. hahaha nice! ohh i know! Jared was adorable <3 i miss his old hair OMGSH i love that episode too! i wanted it to be Dean's kid so badly! i think Dean did too it's difficult for me to do so also. they're all just so amazing!!
  4. def. i just love them so much i got my best friend hooked! she can't stop watching it! hahahah. she's only on the first season but she loves it
  5. OMG the lucky rabbits foot is my favorite too!!! "i'm awesome...i'm batman!" BEST.LINE.EVER,
  6. i think the vamps in Supernatural are bamfs. that's how I would picture vamps to be. hardcore and actually evil. God, I love Supernatural haha. I seriously think about it wayyyyy to much and i've seen the episodes a billion times. I have all the DVDs now I got pretty much all of them for Christmas!! i love my mommy i'm even thinking of getting a Supernatural related tattoo. i spent all class tonight drawing it out hahah. the most recent episode was great! seeing Souless Sam and then seeing him with his Soul in the same episode....wow. you can really see what a talented actor Jared is.
  7. Ashley

    Vivid Dreams

    omgsh i love your stuff <333 would you mind making me a wallpaper?
  8. hahah well i'm glad that you think i find good pics of them! and are you a huge fan of Supernatural too?
  9. watching Supernatural <3
  10. thank you and they are GORGEOUS!!! <3 i see you're a fan love your icon <3
  11. i think it would wash me out because i'm like super pale! but i like my hair now, unno if you can tell in that pic but it's black and then blonde underneath. i might go back to red hair once i get the money up to get it professionally done. can't go from black to red on my own hahah. and thank you! i love hearing that people like my make up because everyone i know in person HATES it. except my acting teacher she loves my look hahah. here's another picture of me and my sis from yesterday:
  12. thanks for posting <3 like i said in the other thread i love her dress!! and i love the pics of her with Helena so cute!
  13. awe she looks gorgeous! <3 i love her dress so much
  14. it doesn't matter, Thunderpants wasn't a great movie either, but it's always nice to see Rupert in other roles
  15. it doesn't matter, Thunderpants wasn't a great movie either, but it's always nice to see Rupert in other roles
  16. isn't he wonderful? <3 and thank you
  17. awee thank you so much <3
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