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  1. flyleaf icons: flyleaf sig:
  2. some OTH icons: 2 sigs for a request
  3. Ashley


    i can't make wallpapers so i gave the sig a try. i made 2 different ones.
  4. love love the voldy wallpaper <3
  5. thanks i know! i can't wait!!! and thnanks
  6. annalynne mccord icons: ian somerhalder icons:
  7. i'm guessing you're a greenday fan? haha
  8. a britney spears sig: britney icons: a tori spelling icon:
  9. woot woot!! i got the first 3 at walmart for 12 dollars on black friday!
  10. do you have a link? and what mirror?
  11. yeah when they're wizards they live alot longer and age much more slowly cause Dumbledores like over 150 years old i believe?
  12. hahah i do that with Gilmore Girls gahhh i can't wait to get the Supernatural seasons for christmas!
  13. shutter island, bad?! WHAT?! no no no no! it was GOOD
  14. I CANNOT WAIT FOR NEW MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. ^OMG ME TOO!!! ugh! i want to see them SO BADLY!
  16. i agree. i'd love that! and i think most potter fans would because we've all grown to feel like we know these characters personally, you know?
  17. love the georgie one! she's so pretty!
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