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  1. banned because you don`t use ur own pic for an avatar:yesyes:
  2. Happy b-day, Kim! You have a whole lot of awesome friends here...
  3. Lol....wonder what she did to you to make you go down on your knees? Did you get her number in case you need some more "mercy"?
  4. Well, I don`t know either what you were doing, but just keep it up! Seriously, how could someone like you ever have had any trouble finding friends?
  5. Your own categories? Is that allowed?
  6. Oh yeah. Anyone else thinking about prison showers there...?
  7. filet steak, pizza plain water, vodka, whiskey (don't try this at home, kids)
  8. An elephant with thick shaggy fur....strikes me as exactly what the world needs in times of global warming. Not sure how a single specimen modified and bred in a laboratory is going to give anyone any real clues as to why an entire species vanished....i mean, think about it....what are they going to do? Expose it to heat, the wrong food, starvation, infect it with diseases, maybe all at the same time, and study it`s response? Sounds like a lame excuse. They are just itching to try something new, that`s all.
  9. You had short hair back then?B)Would have loved to see it undyed...and i like the makeup and that whatever it is you`re wearing...
  10. Yeah, this is a really good one! Best one you`ve posted so far! Natural look rulez!
  11. Wow! Never heard about it before. :rolleyes:Hmmmm....good that it`s nonsense....because i`d still think she/he is hot!
  12. Maybe I should make this clear: I`m not saying "Don`t drink alcohol. Ever." That would be rather funny, given what I consume and in what intervals. But you should know how NOT to endanger others - and if you manage to not endanger your own dignity in ways we all know, that`s also good. Btw, when I was 14/15, I never thought I would smoke or drink alcohol other than on NYE....a lot of things change in 3 years....6 years.....10 years.........you`ll see.
  13. I know a few things about alcohol consumption, and what puzzles me most is how anyone who ever got SERIOUSLY drunk can do it again....considering all the unpleasant side-effects. And I really don`t get the point of drinking until you drop. Literally. Where`s the fun in that? They need to give teenagers a more detalied view of what actually happens to your body short term and long term during alcohol abuse - and they should be drastic about it. Maybe they will remember at the crucial moment and find some "excuse" to stop drinking on any given night....it would be a start, wouldn`t it?
  14. 130671


    Indifferent...despairing....slightly drunk....
  15. I start stretched straight out on my back...I even often have one of my arms lying across my chest or both lying next to the body...and yes, i know that probably makes it look like I`m dead:D....I go from the left to to the right side during the night, but I never curl up, and I never sleep on my stomach.
  16. 130671


    There's tons of snow here, and after spending 2 hours freeing several cars and getting them to move again, well, I think I'm fed up with it, too.
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