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    Null Xmas

    Due to abominable snowy road conditions , my "christmas family evening" was totally cancelled. NO XMAS CELEBRATION THIS YEAR for me. But I can`t say I regret it that much. Strange. Every passing year, I care less and less even for things like christmas. Anyone with a similar experience ?
  2. I was thinking something along that line. She'd look awesome in biker leathers.
  3. Good luck man... Does she like bikes?
  4. She comes close, but she needs 1) some freckles 2) different hairdo, and most of all 3) her cheekbones need to be higher up in her face (which is hard to achieve) On the other hand, hey, it`s not like you don`t look better already than a lot of ppl out there, Ms. Brotherstone....
  5. I hope they have a good explanation for why that Transformer in the shipwreck looks like a robotic Santa-Claus...
  6. It`s definitely the greatest fantasy film (trilogy) ever! And LoR and The Hobbit are only the tip of the iceberg of Tolkien`s work. For all of you who thought Sauron was the absolute villain and master of all things evil, there was a time in Middleearth when he was just a minor lackey of a far more dreadful master....a time when massed balrogs fought as infantry on battlefields against elven armies led by kings who could kill them singlehandedly:D
  7. Does that site say anything about J.K. Rowling? She`s the "fountainhead" of the entire HP-thing.... Really, those ppl are obviously idiots.
  8. I think she`s a much better human being than I will ever be. She is what I have looked for but never found.
  9. 130671

    Project #1

    I won`t pretend to know enough about clothes and shoes to give you advice on that (except what all males will tell you - high black leather boots = awesome)... But have you thought about getting a different hairdo to make you look more mature?
  10. Yeah... And I also loved the final of Pale Rider....and what Eastwood said prior to the great dying in Unforgiven: "Wer zum Sterben noch keine Lust hat, verschwindet jetzt..." Don`t know what the line is in the original, should be something like "Anyone who don`t want to die yet, get the hell outta here...."
  11. Hmmm....could it be that the presence of that girl keeps everyone from having that great final shootout where ppl die messily&mercilessly? I couldn`t see any sign of it in the trailer, and I definitely love those scenes, like in Open Range. But maybe I`m wrong and it`s there...
  12. Kein Bock auf Arbeit ...( Work sucks in german)
  13. I wouldn`t have known where it`s from. And I might have gotten funny ideas about what they mean. Although coming from a non-english speaking country, I`d have had some serious doubts and you`d be safe from me.
  14. I have been thinking about getting an Emma-Watson-themed tattoo for two or three years now, even did the design work...but actually going out and have it done is a much bigger step than I thought at first.
  15. 130671


    Annoyed and tired - is it really morning already?
  16. We went from cold and dry to full winter snow-cover in less than 10 hours!
  17. THAT is the way to wear that hair!!!
  18. Black fatigue pants, black t-shirt, dark-earth colored adidas shell jacket
  19. Why does it have to be either one or the other? There`s plenty of sexy schoolgirls out there...no wait, I`m confusing something now...those girls only look like schoolgirls... Seriously, before I see her pose for certain magazines, I`d rather have her stay the way she is. Maybe she will eventually get a role offer that does something to adjust her image.
  20. A shade darker would be good; but why wear it "down" like that? Even Emma looks a lot better if she wears it "up" with more volume to it, like she did for that stylist photoshoot.
  21. I guess Ghost in the shell and Akira were pretty good...and I used to watch Robotech on a british tv channel back when no one here even knew the word anime...
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