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  1. Wow and I thought my comp was suddenly all mad... Oh btw, how do those warning points work?
  2. No I don't, I tend to carefully research (as far as possible) any book I want to buy, so when I finally make my decision, the cover is really not important.
  3. I'm not gonna say it, I'm not gonna say it.....
  4. I thought it was a good idea to have something that announces to everyone what I am ?...at least to some extent, if they are willing to to use those little brain cells ? So I decided to use my bday date...didn't work as well as I had thought, but still...using anything else now would feel like deception to me. This is a site with so much potential for age-related problems that I feel the few "older guys" should always take care not to get confused with the vast majority here. And since there's not so many other "numbers" around, I feel mine are quite well known now. So yeah, no need to explai
  5. Watching Black Swan even though I think ballet is
  6. Lol dear Johnny....I dunno why you constantly get into all those troubles, but I guess I should thank you for...well...making me look like just another guy in the crowd by comparison, you know? I have no idea what made you think this place could be the same for you (or us) as for everybody else, but go on...
  7. Can't really tell with this lighting but it seems to suit you
  8. So he shot her four times then clubbed her when she was down....or he started with the bat and when that wouldn't work maybe he went for a gun...either way I don't believe anything about that burglar-thing anymore.
  9. You have one of these before you mutated into mickey mouse?
  10. 4 shots and 4 hits? In the dark (since he mistook her for a burglar) ? I dunno man.....
  11. You're so vain - Carly Simon And I dedicate that to our site's Emmy
  12. Watching one of the very first walkthrough-videos of dead space 3
  13. Lol that's OK...sounds like a fun night!
  14. No My little pony around here so I had to make do with Star Wars : The Clone Wars...I somehow feel I got lucky there lol... Well never mind me!
  15. I would have liked to keep the 18 yr old Emma in my memory...but I always knew she was better than that.
  16. John, have you heard of this weird thing called photoshop lol? Apparently it's some stuff that you can use to make subtle changes to pictures....
  17. 130671

    Elder Wand

    It means that you have accidentally gotten the one and only true elder wand that is the ultimate tool for ending this world, and the inscriptions tell you how to do it. Use it wisely
  18. You never know...would like to know what it would be about.
  19. Apparently it really is three parts, yes.
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