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The Rupert Grint Thread

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New pics from The Sunday Times!! He looks beautiful!! :drool:



Rupert is a very handsome,sexy and good looking guy indeed.


Wild Target is a very good movie. I haven't seen Cherrybomb. But I really want to.


I really miss hearing some good Rupert news, like a new movie or something aside of the ski-jumper. (god forgot the name of that film :icontwisted8pz: .)

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Well we did hear that he signed w/ a US agency so could be a US flick? That would be awesome... I want to see him, Emma, and Dan do more movies here in the states :)


That would be awesome, I really hope Rupert will have a great career even in the USA! I just watched Wild Target and Rupert was hilarious! He is truly talented and he DESERVES to be succesful

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I think it's the angle too that makes him look broader. Not that he isn't broad enough, of course! ;)

Some assume his sister Georgina is the one sitting next to him, but I really can't tell.

I'm curious! :D


Who? The blonde woman? She seems older.

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