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holy molly thanks amazing :lostit: awesome fantastic brillant mindblowing<33333 :excited:


Thank you.


I love the new one! Golly gosh it's great!


Oh, you are very kind.



I'm seriously thinking about putting this on ma iPod to admire. ;D


Amazing update, wish that was big enough for ma computer screen!




Aw :blush: That makes me seriously happy.

If you let me know the size I can enlarge it for you.

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Thank you darling.




Worked on this since last night. I apologize for how bad it may have turned out. I didn't know what to do with it.



I'll be going on a break on the 30th and won't be back till December 10th.

Thanks for looking, enjoy.

this is beautiful!! <3

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You'd actually resize it for me? <333


I'm 1366-1360 by 768. The first dimension can basically be either.


I just have to say again that piece of art is gorgeous beyoooond belief!




Of course I would, if someone liked a creation of mine and wanted to use it in a different size I'd kindly do it in a heartbeat. I will have it resized and ready for you by tomorrow, promise.


AMAZING new emma wallpaper!!



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aw, thanks.








Okay, so I put this together and it literally took me 4 hours. Been working on this since 1500 and it is now 1931. But I hope you enjoy it .



Thanks for looking.


incredible :o

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these two are just WOW.

of course i like 2nd one better haha :excited:

wonderful job girl... woah


Thank you Marta.


adorable stuff *giggles*

Kella I missed your graphics :]


Lindy, you're back!


i really like your work ! it's so nice :)


Ah, thanks.





Haven't really made anything lately since I've lacked inspiration. But created something. I don't really like how it turned.


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I really like the new wallpaper Kella! I love you. <3


Thanks, my love.


wow kella i missed ur work hun!!! :) i love it so so much<33


Heh, thank you dear.


If it was one color it might turned better, but I like it


Probably so, I should've tried one color but felt like changing it up a bit. I'll keep it in mind. (:


Very, very beautiful! I love it!




Oh thank you very much. (:


it's beautiful and creative. nice job


N'aww, miss, thank you !!!





I've made three walls, in a different size than I'd usually would use.

One if from a little tut Stef had made, but I changed it up a bit.




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