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what was the last thing you bought?

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I did a bit of a spending spree today lol


I needed a back brace lol

I also got harry potter ultimate DVDs 3. &4

Beautiful disaster book


4 christmas annuals

A woody buzz and mr potato head for my son

Guinness book of world records

Flights and hotel to London next year present for fifth wedding anniversary!


Bloody hell! I bought a load of little things too eek!

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Groceries for the week. I'm making 1) mushroom ravioli with a smoked cheese sauce, 2) tomato basil soup, 3) creamy chicken with biscuits, 4) turkey red thai curry. On Tuesday I'll be going out to a Hong Kong restaurant and Friday I will eat ramen noodles and reminisce about the yummy food I ate earlier in the week :P

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