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After The Perks, any role that Emma is in would be a letdown. She just nailed that role. 




agreed...i love love love her as Sam in Perks, and the whole cast rocked. the movie rocked. woohoo! :happydance:

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And the car?

Oh well when you don't lock your car, you can open it without any alarm switched on. That's what we see in the scene : she tries to open every car without properly "breaking in", and she finally find one car not loked. I guess that's because of the rich area, some people are just not careful. That happens even to not-that-rich people haha 

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welp, the German voice overs are truly dreadful. From what I've heard the "Valley accent" sounds really blasé and just a little bratty, while the German voices sound hyper like they're screaming at each other over the noise of a rave or something.

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Watching it again and knowing what to expect kind of changes the experience, in a good way.


It really helps you get a better feel for the tone when you aren't thinking about what will happen next.


I also really liked Harry Savides's camera work here. The night scenes are a highlight and he gave L.A. a really sleek look.

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I liked it actually :


Characters : The characters were believable and Emma's performance was spot on, it was great to finally see her in a bad girl role. i actually felt a bit sorry for her at the end, but Katie's character was completely unlikeable, the fact that she just thought she could break into celebs houses and steal all their stuff?...


Directed : The movie was put together nicely, looked good on the screen.


Music : The music seemed to fit in well, the songs were put in at the right time and it gave the film a good tone.


Storyline : I liked how the story was told in this film, quite engaging in parts, occasionally had some funny moments too.


Casting : Emma was of course fantastic as Nicki, the bit at the end and the 'rule a country' scene were fantastic. Leslie Mann was brilliant as Emma's mother. Also enjoyed Israel's performance.


Overall, not a bad film, pretty enjoyable. gives you a good insight into what happened in real life.  4 out of 5 stars for me, wasn't the best movie in the world but was definitely worth the watch. 

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i thought it was interesting, but i wouldn't say i loved it.

i enjoyed it. the acting was pretty good, but i would say it's my least favorite of all Emma's films.

i think she could have done a better job

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Actually I didn't really apreciate the movie. (…)


Even though I didn't like the movie, I thought Emma's performance was brilliant !!! Haha Maybe I'm biased...

I didn't feel like Emma's character Nicki was a fake, I truly believed that she was quite stupid and genuine. It felt true to me, and every moment we could see Em on screen, it was funny. 



I'm not sure what to say here, I thought it was a pretty boring movie, I don't se anything good about people who has no self character at all…

So perhaps I'm the biased one, haha, don't want to watch the movie again, not even just to check if Emma was actually a good actress.

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