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Does Emma come here?

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This is a question for much speculation.....


Of course, if she is visiting this page, she will never tell us...... because I do not think that she wants to answer our burning questions.... and her account would be deleted soon, because no one is allowed to say "Hi, I am Emma".


On the other hand: this page is the ONLY one Emma is related to by twitter. And if you know the story behind the page, there MIGHT be a chance that Emma is visiting this forum from time to time.


However - us, her fans, helps this nothing......  ^_^

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 I don't know the whole legalities behind naming a website, but considering how closely the website is linked to her by name I would not be at all surprised if some of the people responsible for her professional image would check on the site from time to time.


dookdook and the site staff here do a great job by not allowing the type of conversation that could cause wanton speculation.  If those who are responsible for Miss Watson as a public entity thought the site were out of hand I don't doubt that site management would hear about it.  


I would not be suprised or think it odd if she checked it once or twice.  I would be a lot more surprised if she checked on it with any regularity, simply because she has a lot of other things going on in her life, and a lot of other interests I'm sure that supersede reading a fan site about her.  


Whether she does or does not ever check out the site, I don't think I would ever want to know if she did.  From a fans perspective I just don't see too many positives coming out of knowing that she visits the site if she does.  

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