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Didn't she wear this top again for the Vouge stardust cover?? :P


This will be mine for the day as well.

Is this the same dress she wore for the 7 part 2 (London?) Premiere? :P Anyways I LOVE that dress!! <3


I meant to post this under the pic of her and Jo at the baftas...


Gosh I loved her dress at this event! <3

What event is it?? :P


Emma Watson you're so beautiful you litterary brought me to tears...I love seeing all the pics you guys uploaded because I saw tons of pics I've never seen before. So thanks. :)


I love this one!! :)

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I.SetFire2TheRain: Instead of posting four times in a row, there is a simple way to reply to more than one post all in one go - try clicking the MultiQuote button for each post you want to reply to (next to the Reply button), it should turn dark red, and then click the Add Reply button below that so you can continue your post.


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