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Happy birthday to Kim, how do u feel now that your 20 years old lol

i hope you have a blast... im bad at this stuff so yeah


here's a cake for u


for the graphic, thats my second attempt so yeah


again happy bday Kimmie

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Thank you so much! :D Nice graphic, Ardi! Awww thanks, these threads always make my day ^_^ I actually don't have anything planned this year, just lunch or something :P I don't feel any different really! OH and it's absolutely stunning, sunny weather just for me! Haha, last year too.

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Happy 20th (are you twenty?) Birthday, Kim!

Here's to a great year! You seem like a really cool person, lol, since I only just recently joined this forum less than a month ago. ;)

And my name, coincidentally, is Kim too. LOL.

Anyway, I hope you have a good day wherever you are!!


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