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  1. I just want to warn everyone to change their passwords and remove unnecessary accounts on ANY website, even if you haven't been there for years. Minecraft, EscapistMagazine websites and Eve Online servers have also just been hacked. (Less then an hour ago) I am already changing my top priority passwords, just to be sure. (E-mail, Youtube, etc.) These guys need to get caught, now.
  2. No you can't kill the monsters, if you throw a barrel against them then they'll be pushed back for a second, then they run straight for you. Who are you watching?
  3. You have no means of attacking (it is what makes the game even scarier) You will have to either hide or run, however every moment you spend in the dark drains your sanity, which can become dangerous too.
  4. Well since Hermione's Stalker is already on here, why not the rest of the PistolShrimp videos. In order of creation: Harry Potter and the Outcasts of Hogwarts - Leaked scene from the new Harry Potter movie - Harry Potter and the Outcasts of Hogwarts 2 - Harry Potter and the Magic of Puberty - Hogwarts Hangover - Brokeback Hogwarts - Harry Potter Starts a Band! -
  5. I think this is a great movie, I always enjoy watching it. Probably in my top 30 movies of all time. Which is a hard spot to compete in considering all the SW, HP, PotC and LotR thats in it. Hehe, so was I. Wait for 10 years? Where did you see that?
  6. I cant wait for season 6. But yeah David was by far the best doctor of the 'new' series. Although Matt is good Rose > Amy > Martha (Only seen like 2 episodes of this season) > Donna (Meh...) Did anyone see the Doctor Who at the Proms thinghy? I also feel kinda bad for not having any DvD/Blu-ray sets at all.
  7. I blame the sun for the way my eyes are... Cant wait to go back this year and get another Butterbeer!
  8. Has anyone played it? It is by far the scariest game I have ever played, but in some way I like it. I feel like I am getting close to the end though Also, watch this if you want to laugh: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loSzpvq73FY The game is very scary but THAT scary, no.
  9. Playing the new zombie map in CoD:BlOps It is actually really fun. Waiting for dinner to be ready.
  10. Well I just read the entire script (that is on the website). I really had to force myself through the beginning but it got easier a little later on. Saw a name switch in the phone coversation with Jeffrey (I think). Might want to check that. Anyway I want to read the entire (finished) thing before giving any sort of opinion about the story as I dont know how things will progress further. And typing on an iPhone sucks But let me say it like this: I want to read more, Now! I wanted to type something else, but I can't remember what.
  11. Now: Get through the first year of my school Getting a job Pass my driving test (Next year) 5 Years: Pass school Get a succesful YouTube channel. Get a girlfriend Get a job in my profession, or turn my hobby into a job (Lets hope the latter ) 15 Years: Live a happy life Marriage (I don't know what else ) Alternate (not likely going to happen) timeline: Now: Meet Emma 5 Years: Emma becomes my girlfriend Move to England/US or wherever she is by then and live with Emma 15 Years: Marry Emma Get into acting/moviemaking (that direction) Hey, one can dream right?
  12. Inception (@ home yesterday) Harry Potter DH1 (cinema 3rd time just now)
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