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  1. Ellen Degeneres has somewhat a pixie cut, and she looks awesome.
  2. I think girls look better in their 'default' long hair style. But the pixie cut suits some girls, like emma. If i get a pixie cut, id have to stick only one style, which will make me bored. I do various hairstyles in every hour of the day! B-) Bottom line, i am not eligible for the pixie cut!
  3. I just saw a commercial for Lipton Tea which ended with the slogon 'My Sip Of Inspiration'. Well thats their sip of inspiration, my sip of inspirationis water. whats your sip of inspiration? (does not have to be neccesarily drinking material) B-)
  4. Thats exactly what i think, also every one is beautiful! as for my sig, ive gotta mend that!
  5. so i recently heard about this show called Toddlers and Tiaras, and the "honey boo boo child". I think such shows are very stupid, from the fact that people are fighting that whose prettier. Well, thats my opnion. Do tell me what do you think about beauty competitions/pageants.
  6. I like the book more than the movie.
  7. Not in the theatre but at home i watching Home Alone 2 Very stupid movie.
  8. I dont know if i like him or hate him, but what i do know is that he is very crazy!
  9. Lol, um my previous history teacher sometimes behaves like a boy.
  10. I didnt watch the olympics AT ALL!!!! idk why B-)
  11. Katy perry!!!!!!! Poor emma doesntlook good ignored.
  12. Isnt emma already a princess B-)
  13. Studying Youtube Singing Reading Cycling Going to the mall
  14. Yes, we would love to reduce as much confusion from this forum as possible. :-)
  15. Angry Birds Space on my Galaxy Tab 10.1
  16. Charlie Bone & The Time Twister by Jenny Nimmo
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