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  1. Yeah. I'm not a fan of that dress either. But seriously Kelly Osbourne isn't really a fashion icon so she should stop judging people. However I dunno why but I feel so sorry for that girl. Sharon has definitely let fame go to both herself and her kids' head.
  2. Galadriel! Your siggy is so beautiful.I still squee over the fact that THEY KISSED
  3. Oh nooo You need to stop posting stuff like this. I gonna end up with post-potter depression Aww no more movies, promotions, books Its so sad. It really is the end now .
  4. thinking of the families who have lost family members an to the people of Norway. Its shocking an horrific. I hope Norway will recover quickly though. Don't let them win.
  5. ^ I agree. I mean common. Breastfeeding is natural. That why women has breasts: So that we can feed our babies when they are hungry! But I'm not surpriced that people are reacting. Boops are being sold as a sex symbol.If you just cover rup it shouldn't be anybody problem or THEY can go and sit and eat at the toilet!
  6. Why are they so freakin' amazing. I'm gonna miss these two and the fan-made gif.. sigh.
  7. I've only seen a few movies with Rickman outside of HP. One is called Snowcake and the other Dark Harbor. Wish I had seen more. He is a great actor. I have to agree-he is one of the most sexy older actors out there! And his voice OMG. Yeah. He plays Snape wonderfully. and he was amazing in DH part 2.
  8. I dunno. the video looks a bit of a.. Maybe he is joking. He doesn't sound serious. But if he is Well: Good luck!
  9. Oh my. THIS! I hope this is true! I'll be * * I mean a freakin' Guillermo Del Toro film. Thats would awsome for our lady.
  10. OMG. I wish they would stop this comparing already. These are two so different stories and I do feel sorry for fans of both series. Its like you have to choose one or the other. Please do not take my post as a personal attack Courtney. Its not aimed at you at all!! Oh well. Back to topic Ron and Hermione. I love them so much in DH part2. And the epilogue was so cute.Ofc I knew but still: They're MARRIED with KIDS!!!! :3m_sie:
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