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  1. I agree 100%! Sadly I've seen just a few episodes (The Vietnam journey was great!) but everytime I watch the show it's just great. Great. And I'm a girl, it's not only for the men, ladies. I have some interest in cars. Guess it comes from my dad who is just mad about everything that has a motor. And I watch Formula 1 too. I really liked the Rupert interview, thanks for posting! And he was first, I was so glad for him. (I want to try and drive too!)
  2. I love TrueBlood! So original . Can't wait for Season 4 (and Eric ♥). I've read three books so far, looking forward to number four.
  3. Nintendo 64!1 ♥ I still have mine. I played mainly Super Mario (the greatest game like ever). Sometimes Zelda. Gosh, good memories.
  4. Oh, didn't know she was on the cover of Finnish mag. Cool. (:
  5. Wow that's gorgeous. ♥
  6. I was thinking that the "10 questions asked by fans" would bring more original questions but it was the same: "Why did you cut your hair?", "Why did you go to Brown?" etc. >__> It must be awful for them.
  7. azileea


    I love love love Christmas! Even though we don't celebrate it for religious reasons I love the traditions. The snow (one year we had almost no snow and it didn't feel like Christmas xD). I love the food. I look forward to it the whole year and start talking about it in Summer. xD Presents. Sauna. ^^ I would love to have those big family gatherings like we used to have when I was a kid when my parents' siblings all came together. Now this year it's just me and my parents (plus pets) because both my grandmas are with other relatives. Luckily our neighbours come visit. (:
  8. Totally! That was one of the scenes I waited the most. And it sucked. It was so awkward between them after destroying the locket. None of that was in the book. Harry didn't explain that they were just friends between Hermione, Ron didn't break down, they didn't make up, no hug, no nothing. I was really disappointed.
  9. We've had like -18 (celsius) all week! I like it when I'm wearing warm clothes and walking outside but it's not nice to have your toes cold when you indoors. Hot water bottle!!
  10. I cut my hair quite short long before Emma and last time I went I cut it a bit shorter (a tiny bit longer than Emma). I love it short! It was hilarious that the hairdresser was more shocked than I was. (I wasn't shocked at all, I knew what I wanted.) But she just kept saying "I've never had my hair so short. This feels weird." xD I think it's great for Emma to inspire girls/women to cut their hair short, to give them courage. I'm not saying that everyone should do it, long hair's also gorgeous, but for people who keep their hair long only because they think that's what the majory likes, Emma
  11. Oh I'm so sorry. =( Hugs and warm thoughts! It does get better in time but it's not comforting now. I'm sure it's good to get it out, even if it's "just" in here.
  12. Damon's the best! xD He has awfully lot of great quotes but I still love the first: "Helloooo, brother".
  13. These are gorgeous!! ♥ Mind if I save some for myself? With credit of course. (:
  14. Another Vettel fan here! ♥ I rooted for him the whole season and he actually winning the championship was the perfect ending. I love how he speaks Finnish sometimes. xD (I'm from Finland. So naturally I root for Kovalainen too. Next year better results with Renault engines!)
  15. Oh cello is so cool! (And Apocalyptica is good. (: )
  16. I hope so too. It's my utmost favourite scene in DH. I'm a bit scared. It seems ok from the footage though but.. Still.
  17. I had a huge crush on Tom when I was 15. xD I follow him on Twitter and he seems like a genuinly nice and good person.
  18. Aww I so support their friendship! ♥ I can't wait the movie moments. The hug, the fight, Ron coming to the rescue etc.
  19. Yes! This forums I visit organizes (the now traditional) own showing on 17th! Can't wait!
  20. azileea

    BoMa Graphics

    Very beautiful and soft!
  21. I play the piano but I'm a bit rusty since I don't take lessons anymore (after about 10 years). I can play a few chords on quitar. xD Would love to learn to play more. This year I tried drums for the first time and it was awesome! Oh and we learned to play flute at school in first grades.
  22. J.R. Ward - Lover Awakened Part 3 of The Black Dagger Brotherhood series.
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