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  1. Btw is wunderland magazine just in england?
  2. I must say,I really hate when jk Rowling tells us things like this bc it ruins the story for me a bit. Like I loved how it ended and I would rather not know who was supposed to be with who. Also, I think hermione definitely is better with Ron than harry!
  3. I Love to read magazines.I get US weekly, Marie Claire, People,People Style Watch, Glamour, Town and Country. Probably more that I can't think of right now. I usually get them from the library. I as well Love to look a fashion and just to look at the photography. Although at times I get depressed bc I want everything I see. I also find magazines motivating bc when I see All of these beautiful models/celebrities it makes me want to be in shape and take care of myself. And it gives me ideas about new fashion ect.
  4. When I saw her come I stage I thought she looked gorgeous!! The dress is its growing on me, at first I didn't like it but she wore it so well. But I think that Amy and tina are not funny I wish they would bring ricky Gervais back!!
  5. Wow I haven't been on these forums on awhile but I just now watched this movie and I Loved it! I really wasn't expecting to. I totally saw emma as the character but I must say as hard as she tries I really hate her American accent
  6. even though those autographs are photocopied, that is usually how emma writes her autographs. but then again as mentioned above, maybe at premieres and things she writes it differently. I, myself, would never be able to write my name the same way each time lol
  7. I'm not sure if this was ever made into a topic, but how old does Emma look to you? It's funny because when she was younger she seemed much older to me because she is so mature, but now as I look at her I think maybe she can pass for 18.
  8. wow he looks like Elijah Wood in this one
  9. Does anybody know what happened to this trial?
  10. I Havent Seen these pics, where are they from?
  11. he called the authorities on him, and he should have waited until they came have to have them see what was so suspicious. why would he continue to follow this young man around, and as trayvons lawyer said he was trying to play cop.
  12. no he was asking for trouble when he was following a boy who was minding his own bussiness and even after the 911 operator told him not to follow him he still did
  13. just found NOT GUILTY. can't believe it. but it's florida so what do you expect.
  14. he totally ruined his life. isnt he like 23? he had a whole career ahead of him. and yeah! i was wondering about Oscars case, i know it got pushed until july but i havent heard anything about it
  15. I thought Dan's acting was really good, and so was Ruperts, i do agree that he did lack some of that spark but i thought he was funny. I think Emma was really good in the first 3 but towards that end of the series i felt she overacted a bit.
  16. yes, and I notice that when she was playing Hermione, she sometimes over does the acting a bit. that would be interesting to hear as well.
  17. yeah, and I mean emma is a great actress but in this movie she just seemed to be overacting/ trying too hard in my opinion.
  18. i really wanted to watch it again but it's not in the theaters anymore=( which is weird because some movies are in theaters for 3 months such as iron man.
  19. saw the movie and hated it. everyones acting was just so bad. i'm sorry i love emma and everything but her acting was just horrible/too fake and not convincing. the whole movie was too cliche of how everyone views teens. i knew this wasnt going to be like an oscar movie but it was still bad.
  20. I love Henry Cavill! i can't wait to see how he does. I think he fits the image, but it'll be intresting to hear his american accent
  21. saw it yesterday.....IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really want to see it again
  22. hmmm.... The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, i think one of the most beautiful songs in a soundtrack is Remembering Munich written by john williams from the movie Munich
  23. i'm so excited to see this, i've seen the one with Mia Farrow and Robert Redford and i thought that one was great.
  24. kate is so adorable
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