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  1. did you ever find the song though?
  2. if i honestly met emma i wouldnt be able to talk i would just be so happy and i would probably make a fool of myself lol and i would give her a hug and say "i've been a fan for so long!!"
  3. I love Stereo Love, it's from Romania im pretty sure everyones heard of it and im pretty sure everyones sick of it lol but not me! oh and i love celtic women too i love carol of the bells that they did
  4. travel the world meet great people meet dan emma and rupert lool bundgee jump
  5. i have another queston so i was watching 60 minutes (this news show) and it was about israel and how they are fighting among themselves like between the really religious jews and the modern day jews the religous jews want israel to become a religous state while the modern ones obviously dont. so is this still going on? i think that segmant was taped sometime back here is the video i was talking about
  6. yeah i was telling my mom that the other day sometimes on the back of their trucks it says stuff like "how was our driving today" and there's a number below that to call, do you know what i'm talking about?
  7. of course they aren't, but lately all the truck drivers where i live drive like maniacs
  8. omg this is so wierd i was going to make a topic about this awhile ago!!! but my topic was just going to be about truck drivers because they speed so much. and they even go really close to your car so you can move out of the way it makes me so angry
  9. tom looked the best and rupert kind of too but i thought emma didnt really look that much different
  10. i think for me it would be prisonar of azkaban...i thought she did a really good job but in the later movies (4-7) emma sometimes tends to...overact? if thats the right word
  11. no? but i still think daniel radcliffe did his eyebrows in the 3rd movie lol
  12. Rena


    yayy my friend registered me!!
  13. haha sneaky...pretending to take a pic of the shoe
  14. i felt soooo bad for her. you can tell she was embarrassed
  15. i watched the movie twice and the part where voldemort grabs harrys face and says "why do you live" and harry says "because i have something worth living for" wasnt in the movie i guess it was just in the trailer
  16. for some reason i still wish i lived in england lol
  17. Rena


    aww i keep missing the clue because over here it comes like 4 and 5 in the morning
  18. Rena


    I'm very out of the loop with this pottermore thing, once you sumit your e-mail (which i did like a month ago) then you should be notified that you got in? what are these clues for?
  19. no i said anything after the goblet of fire lol i also agree his hair was horrid
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