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  1. raining for about three days now, I want to feel the sun on my skin again!
  2. Enjoying the awesome weather a bit before the next exams come up, sighs. Nap in garden > uni exams!
  3. Really good shots there again. Nice to see untouched nature this way, its quite rare these days
  4. Hey hey, nice to meet you ;D
  5. Its simply a common problem in nowadays sexualized sociality. What exactly is the problem with a mother feeding her baby - okay you see the breast but you can see that nonstop from morning till night nowadays. In music videos, movies etc. to sum it up: Sexual stuff everywhere. So I dont really understand why seeing a breast is so unnormal in first place, especially when its something harmless. I think people just reduce it to a certain fact -> being dirty/cheap I've never seen it in public but even if I do it should not take too much overcoming to look somewhere else. I wouldnt mind
  6. Your cam got a sick resolution, looks super smooth with all these deep details. I liked all of those. Keep them coming!
  7. Hello from my side as well
  8. If the university you chose is actually a place where you feel good - then why having a change in mind? I had a quick conversation with one of my professors about this. He said a possible reason to change the university is based on the fact, that the bachelor is rather a degree for work while master is for scientific research. So in case an other university supports the scientific research aspect more than the current one then this might be a reason. I have to agree with Dax: "Just a friendly reminder though, graduate classes are a lot harder and require more time than undergrad, so be su
  9. We've discovered a new talent, right there Awesome work! Looking forward to see more from you - keep it up!
  10. I personally never heard of that before I never heard someone telling me that its any "better" to do the Master degree elsewhere. Even if im still in bachelor studies and not sure whether I will do my Master degree in my current course of study and then do my second course of study til bachelor or vice versa. "not having a diversified education" -> thats pretty inexplicable to me. I mean it depends on your course of study whether its diversified or not. I for one can pick a lot of "modules" (courses) as I see it fit. There is not much forced upon me, meaning lots of freedom. That depen
  11. Thanks a lot! Im still not through all previous posts (there are so many!) but seen some of you and would like to return the compliment
  12. to know that I got no uni tomorrow ;D
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