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  1. I really wish I would be put into gryffindor, but I think I would be put in Ravenclaw. Unless the sorting hat takes into account my opinion.
  2. Luna Lovegood and of course Hermione.
  3. When Harry and Hermione dance in the First Deathly Hallows and when Harry realizes that he has to get killed by Voldemort and Hermione hugs him.
  4. The one I seem to admire the most is Luna Lovegood. She reminds me of myself and I love her carefree compassionate attitude.
  5. The lovely lady that works across from the Starbucks I work at.
  6. I would have to take Luna Lovegood.
  7. The only other movie that I have seen her in, other that the Harry Potters, is My week with Marilyn. I liked her acting in all of these, but maybe thats because I grew up watching her. I am anxious to see "The Bling Ring" when it comes out.
  8. Fresh coffee beans, dark chocolate, and the outside air just after it rained. oooohla
  9. She is so gorgeous in that new hair style, especially when she wears that bright red lipstick.
  10. Burberry is a fabulous line that she wears.
  11. What I would hopefully do is give her a hug and have a little chat at a coffee house. What would most likely happen is that I would pass out.
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