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  1. The last movie I saw in the cinema was Thor 2 in 2D.
  2. The last thing I cooked was eggs. The last thing I ate was spaghetti.
  3. Emma has inspired me to be more daring when it comes to fashion and to work and study hard.
  4. Most of the time I think she looks like she's twenty but there are times when she looks like she can pass for seventeen.
  5. My favourite soundtracks are many of the old animated Disney movies, Tron Legacy, The Great Gatsby and Josie and the Pussycats.
  6. I'm interested in watching the film but I will wait until it's on dvd. I only watch blockbusters at the cinema. I haven't watched any version of Romeo and Juliet so it will be interesting to see this one and some others in time.
  7. I don't discriminate between an ugly or pretty cover. However, a front cover is what first attracts me to a book, I then look at the blurb and flick through the book. If I like the text then I buy the book.
  8. I'm a little excited about seeing The Great Gatsby. I read the book in high school and I'm interested in seeing a new movie adaption. I saw the trailer and was impressed at how lavish everything looks.
  9. The website I regularly visit are my university's website, Facebook, Hotmail, Blogger and Bloglovin.
  10. Red- too slow paced for me Project A- a bit boring with a few laughs thrown in and only good a the end. The Hangover- I didn't find it funny.
  11. I voted for Kempsville. I hope your sister has a good prom.
  12. Happy Birthday Jade. I hope you enjoy your big day.
  13. I really enjoyed the movie. I was worried that it would be visually stunning but have a weak plot but fortunately I believe it was a good movie. I thought the acting was strong, the costumes and special effects were good. I think they really did a good job setting up Oz before there was Dorothy.
  14. I had a crush on Johnathan Rhys Meyers when I was about sixteen.
  15. I think you could get some strangers to pose for you if you went to a community event. Performers are happy to pose for photos, they won't see it as a strange request.
  16. I would like to work at Madam Malkin's Robes for all occasions. I would love to see fashionable robes of all kinds and help people get fitted for them.
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    With or without you in my pants.
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