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  1. Fallon is horrible. I remember his interview with keira knightley where he basically forced her to apologise for liking football. I also remember that interview that leno did with little emma. Very sweet. The best i think is when she is on wossy's show. Especially when he is being a bit naughty with his questions.
  2. Im just watching it all at the moment. Amazing crowds today.
  3. just got back from watching it and first thoughts are that it was brilliant. i was crying throughout, especially when 1) the girls surrounded him to protect harry from parkinson, 2) when macgonagall first greeted harry, 3) when harry met his mum and dad in the forest. my only gripes were that they made malfoy too nice and snapes death was a bit soppy lol. overall the acting was great, by far the best of the series for me. i cant wait to watch it again!
  4. I saw it over the weekend with my dad and sisters and loved it. It was scarier and darker than normal and the light hearted moments were all the more precious. Loved the harry/hermione dance, everything dobby did, xenophilius dancing and bellatrix. Who i think is the best adult actor on HP ever. I only felt down over 2 things, there was hardly anything with the dursleys, even though i thought their scenes in the book were the funniest moments of the whole book. And i thought hermione was far too tame when ron came back. I really wanted her to give him a whalloping.
  5. jersey


  6. its freezing cold. i dont wanna leave the house but i have to in a few hours.
  7. taking a lil break from my uni work.
  8. I didnt like it as first but it looked great at the premiere.
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