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  1. There is kind of a rivalry I'd say, but it's more of a friendly, banterous one. We like to make a lot of fun out of each other and make jokes of each other's countries, but I wouldn't say it's a proper rivalry! It's just because the Aussies are so similar to us I feel, and our 2 countries have quite a similar sense of humour. England and Germany though, now that's a rivalry
  2. yorkshire


    Yep I am a huge fan! Where did you see him? I've been waiting and waiting for ages for him to come to the UK but he never seems to. Levels though is definitely the song of the year for me!
  3. Such a shame. He was a proper Leeds United legend back in the day and he will be sorely missed by everyone in the world of football.
  4. All I can say is, hahahahahaha.
  5. Can't actually believe it. Steve, you were a true hero, and you will never be forgotten.
  6. yorkshire


    Are you a girl? What country do you live in? How old are you?
  7. Very true, I think the US doesn't want this to be seen as another Vietnam so the whole thing will be seen through to the end.
  8. I love the twist at the end. It's definitely one of the better films of recent times.
  9. I've just been watching some Band of Brothers again, and my God it's brilliant. While The Pacific in itself is great, yet it will always be compared to BoB and that's kind of it's downfall. And just to reiterate, that concentration camp scene is genuinely one of the only things on tv where I've actually been upset after it. I can't physically believe that people would be so sick as to do that to other human beings.
  10. Top Gear The Inbetweeners Shameless LOST (when it was on)
  11. yorkshire


    Yep it was on the whole a great festival, despite me only taking trainers which was a massive mistake. I do wonder what it would be like to have so many tall people blocking your view, thankfully I'm tall enough not to have any problems. I was glad last night as well as we left around 11 just before the mad rush of traffic so I was home pretty quickly, I only live about 5 miles away from the site!
  12. yorkshire


    You saw a lot more than me actually, I wasn't even planning on coming this year but my mate rang me on wednesday night saying he'd won 2 tickets in a Jack Daniels competition so I thought I'd have to go! From what I remember I saw Frank Turner, The View, Elbow, Muse, Sub Focus, Nero, Two Door Cinema Club, Madness and Jimmy Eat World. To be honest there wasn't that much I wanted to see this year so I just spent most of my time drinking/at the relentless stage or silent disco. I've been since 2009 but I kind of feel like Leeds fest isn't for me anymore, I'd really like to go to Glastonbury but t
  13. yorkshire


    Leeds Fest? I was there too! Just got back last night, what an incredible weekend. The Muse set was just unreal, I want to go back! Who else did you see?
  14. I would like to think that he is carrying some of her luggage...
  15. Interesting to see that she's racing at Oxford as well! And who calls a horse "Bus Fare Home'?
  16. So this story (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-14553330) is regarding those 2 people? I'm so glad they've been locked up! Utter scum.
  17. The only 2 I can remember are Macbeth and Nineteen Eighty Four. *shudder* Glad I don't have to go near them again!
  18. I've just watched the interview with Rupert again and I've got to say I like how Clarkson hardly mentions Harry Potter. In recent interviews it seems like the trio have to answer the same questions again and again and again, so it's good to see something different being discussed. I would love to see Emma on Top Gear, although I know Clarkson would heckle her a bit over driving a Prius! But I'm sure he would ask her questions completely different to ones she's used to being asked.
  19. I too shall be going to Uni fairly soon, freshers week is in a months time. I'm looking forward to a week of drunken debauchery!
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