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  1. my favourites are St. Bernard dogs aka Beethoven I had one and loved him.
  2. Now : - pass all my exams on college - get started with geology for kids =) 5 years : - somewhere abroad for Ph.D probably New Zeland or Norway - finding a job - finding a great geologist man who loves rocks and minerals and camping and hammers like I do 15 years : - married with that geologist - 2 kids (boy and girl ^.^ )
  3. I rarely cry while watching movies, but I did cry at autumn in NY and Armageddon
  4. love it love it love it ^.^ favourite character would have to be barney I just love him It's gonna be legend-... wait for it... and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is dairy
  5. well, its really hard to say who is my no.1 but I can tell you my top 5 ^.^ 1. hermione 2. fred/george (they come together always ) 3. lupin 4. hagrid 5. neville
  6. thanks god I didn't see a man in uggs
  7. red FOX sweatshirt and black shorts =) home outfit
  8. yeah... I just bought one pair today :lol
  9. chatting on skype, uploading photos on fb and posting here
  10. well, I read first four books on croatian and then I had to wait couple of month for translation and I hated that... so I ordered it online on english
  11. aaaaaaaaaaaa I'm not coming on these topic ever again spoliers!
  12. Depeche Mode, New Order, R.E.M are classics love them but I do like also Camouflage and A Flock of Seagulls
  13. everyone loved them I still do Whats my age again? best video ever!! because of travis I started playin drumms
  14. Jo is a newbie ^.^ feels weird right? anyways, good to have you back here =)
  15. I love astrology and yes, I kinda do believe in it I'm aquarius with AC in pisces and moon in aries ^.^ Love my sign the freakiest/coolest/bestbuddies people on planet (I didn't say that, it was said by numerous astrologist ) oh yeah, and I like Erik too (maybe we sould start a new topic? )
  16. Does anyone know the date of premiere? :/ cause I would love to come but I do have college exams till middle of july, so *fingers crossed* the premiere will be later
  17. 18th February of 2000 I got the first book as a present for my b-day when everybody left I started reading the book and I kept reading for hours and hours and it was already dawn when I finished it... I ran down the stairs with tears in my eyes to my mom and said : "mom, I know that yesterday was my birthday but I would really, really, really love if you could buy me the second book". and the next morning my mom bought me the COS and thats how and when it all started
  18. definitely, awesome, bazinga and in croatian I often use phenomenal and okie dokie :D
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