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  1. Oh So is there any ways to send Emma a letter now?
  2. Congratulations! I'm so happy for her! The video is on YouTube too: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=60Rnqdqf9dc
  3. I agree this hashtag movement cannot free those girls in reality. But Emma and some other celebrities are doing this to raise awareness. Many people are still ignorant of what's going on. This movement help acknowledge the public and hopefully pose pressure on the government to take serious action. Maybe the Nigerian government won't listen as what Elena said. But actually we can do nothing practical to help those girls. Spreading the news is what they and we can do.
  4. Your replies made me happy as well! I'm glad to have these opportunities to learn from both Emma and her supporters
  5. I thought this would turn out to be another annoying Jonny-styled argumentative post but the above comments just make it to a deeper level. I mean the comments especially the ones made by Mr. Pumpkinhead and ling are meaningful and inspiring. As a student, who is probably younger than you all, I think I've learnt something from your comments and I'm thankful for that.
  6. For people like Emma who loves education, buying a degree would be an great insult to them. I don't see anything point why she would do that.
  7. I get my copy today! There is very very few copies in HK and most of them especially the queen cover ones have be sold out. So I'm glad I finally managed to get one although there are some little flaws on the cover.
  8. ^Thanks for the review, can't wait to see it!!
  9. Emma looks good as always! Gonna buy this magazine!
  10. ^Do you mean the one with the cover photo of Emma in the 2011MTV MA? I am curious in this question too!!
  11. Actually is there any magazines publish this set of photoshoot? I love the photoshoot Emma did with Harry Crowder but I couldn't find a magazine with the cover of it…
  12. Thanks for telling us, and I found that the official site has updated about this as well Btw, that fake blog has been disappeared lol
  13. That's so sweet!! I hope they will spend some time meeting each other Btw, what interview is it? I can't find it on YouTube…
  14. Does anyone notice this site? http://askemmawatsonsfriend.tumblr.com/ She claims that she is Emma's personal friend and she is willing to answer questions about Emma. I'm not sure if she is a real friend of Emma but her answers seem trustful… Jo, do you know this kind of thing or do you know the blogger?
  15. ohhh...but I don't know any other emma's fanforums..I thought this emma forum was very good...so where should I go..
  16. So were these photos coloured by you or they are actually the original colour?
  17. This is very sweet and touching!! Love this photo very much!!
  18. Happy New Year!! (:
  19. I love those photoshoots very much!! gorgeous!!
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