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  1. This has been the second time I have dreamt about someone I call the Tattoo-Girl...it`s kind of weird, there is a series of rooms with people there, don`t know if it`s a party or something...and then there is that girl on a couch. She has long hair, and I can never quite see her face. Kind of like one of those japanese ghost-girls. We don`t really speak, but we can hear our voices. She`s distressed because she wants to get a rearing horse tattoo on the inside of her lower left arm, but she cannot for some reason...even though it`s very important to her. We`re quite...friendly...with each other
  2. I trust you to prevent that. Her. Going home. With a friend. For Thanksgiving in the US.
  3. I can`t say I`ve been there, done that...I was never married. But I think I have a fair idea of the tactics she uses. It doesn`t get any lower than that. I know it`s not that simple, even in the US, but I would say: Pack what you need, get on your bike, and get out of there. Wishful thinking, I know....
  4. Cool ! Although I found your performance as Rob Zombie was the best yet ! Go Emma !
  5. Very interesting. Great (and terrible) things often start very small. Makes you wonder what the world will look like in a hundred years.
  6. surfing the site, waiting for someone...
  7. The world didn`t stop turning....so no, she's not.
  8. :whaa:Whatever it was, they block it in Germany.
  9. :DI can`t say I`m an expert on metal, but I guess I`d like to see Emma headbanging to Ministry`s "NWO" ...too bad all that pretty hair is goneB)
  10. No luck there I think. As far as Emma`s "official" music taste goes, she`s mostly I`ve always wondered if her playlists are part of a carefully crafted public image.
  11. Only if it was very young, very old, or a teddy bear. Would you go ski jumping to meet her?
  12. getting ready to go to work:doh:
  13. Maybe you could try the original "Dune" series by Frank Herbert. Not exactly easy to read, but he does have to say a lot about politics and justification of actions. It`s not just sci-fi.
  14. Maybe kind of "Alternative Fashion Forum".... You should post some more of yourself in the pictures thread - maybe even some close-ups of the tattoos.
  15. 6 and 6 I see Emma, but nothing of Andrew
  16. Listening to Volbeat`s Fallen, drinking....
  17. That way, it hurts a little less to go where I`m going.
  18. I couldn`t see a Harley even when the post was new. Maybe the embedding didn`t work right?
  19. Wow! I could only ever afford to choose between car and bike...and from a purely practical point of view, it had to be a car. Nice bikes, though...you live in a place where it rarely rains?
  20. 130671


    Annoyed - work sucks.
  21. Whoa! I say she gets sentenced to post a pic like that every day.
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