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What Other Forums Are You On?

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Let me think....


This dutch forum: Potternetwerk - used to be a pretty active forum but after the seventh book was published is more of a very small group of friends who meet each other once or twice a year. I'm an admin of that forum


Another dutch forum: Eigenwereld.nl - Translated it means: Ownworld, it's forum about all kinds of media(games, movies etc). A sort of offshoot from the old forums of a tv program about games.


The Screwattack Forums. No, not a porn site. But a site about gaming and gaming culture with new content every day(hard news, digital forcast, sketches, reviews, how to's.


Irregular Webcomic Forums. A forum about the webcomic but also loads of other interesting things.


Last but not least: The Official City of Heroes forums. A MMO where you play as a superhero. The forums also has a great group of people to talk about all others kinds of media(geeh, do you sense a pattern here... ;) )

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This is the one I post the most on by far, but I also visit...


The Oatcake - Stoke City forum (oatcake is the local delicacy :P ) - I visit this the most, but never post, I get all my Stoke City news here


All Angels International - A forum for the Classical girl group All Angels, it's not too active apart from when there are concerts, I actually own it...


Katherine Jenkins - The official forum for the classical singer Katherine Jenkins, I post occasionally.


Classical Crossover - A forum about one of my favourite genres of music, and one which is very under rated. I post occasionally

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Classical Crossover - A forum about one of my favourite genres of music, and one which is very under rated. I post occasionally


This sounds really interesting, because I'm interested in a lot of classical, but I also listen to pretty much JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING (minus, maybe, metal music).


I am not on any other forums that I know of. I think I joined a health forum about a year or so ago, but I had stopped visiting it :doh: ; I do get e-mails on newsletters about studies and topics regarding illness, food, and the like.

I don't think I would be able to manage being on another forum, to be honest. :doh:

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As for now, this is the only forum I go to.I occasionally go to a parents forum as well.

I uses to be active at a Rupert Grint fansite as well but I can't stand some of the other users, mainly because they have such an attitude against Emma and Dan and other HP-fans that don't share their opinion so I don't have an account there anymore.

I've had and I guess I still have a few accounts on other forums mostly music or movie forums , most are just so un-active its not even funny.

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