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What Have You Eaten Today?

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Hm...lets see,


a bowl of cereal

a banana

an apple

and some french onion sun chips.


:o so much more healthier than me LOL.


I had half a Korean melon (which had been made into a flower cup holding coconut juice last night).

Two donuts.




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^Well, I do have to watch what I eat cuz I have borderline-high cholesterol lol. Yes, skinny me has high cholesterol :(


It's ok! -hugs- at least you're discplined! :P


I shouldn't be eating stuff with refined sugar in it, but ohhh well. I can care less today what I eat <_< .

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Well if it makes you feel better, I'm eating a peanut butter cookie now :P


Well, you better have more cookies...-steals your peanut butter cookie and breaks off half for herself- :P

I feel better now that I had half. ^_^:P lol

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