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What Have You Eaten Today?

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[quote name='BoMa' timestamp='1300133606' post='77734']
Dinner: White bread, cucumbers, tomato and cheese.

CUCUMBERS <3 . Lolol.
Uhm, ok. I've been so bad today:

-Small piece of milk chocolate, with multigrain tortilla chips.
-Cup o' Starbucks home brew
-Chicken-flavor soup, with corn, onion, chopped garlic, three peppers, scallions, and spices.
- =o Italian sausage and peppers on a roll (I <3 meh dad's cooking)
Yeah. I didn't eat too, too healthy today. :doh:
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Breakfast - Oat so simple golden syrup
Lunch - Some ham, salami and a few taste the difference salt and vinger crisps
Dinner - Roast Chicken, roast potatoes, mash, carrots, etc ( which i made)
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@Cucumber: Hahaha

Breakfast: Cheese croissant and lemonade.
Lunch: Meat sauce pasta and some kind of a pizza.
Snack: Coffee.
Dinner: Not yet but might be MacDonald :D
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[quote name='harrypotternerd' timestamp='1300198113' post='78084']
Today I just had some PRingles and Some Gatorade <3

Sarahhh! Were they those weird cucumber flavored Pringles? :o lol! <3 Gatorade! I always drink a small 10 ounce bottle after running. Which flavor do you like?
:mellow: I haven't eaten anything yet. Just woke up. :doh:
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[quote name='Reznov' timestamp='1300208599' post='78118']
Breakfast: Cup o' Tea
Lunch: Sandwich, Sausage Roll, Crisps
Dinner: Whatever mum cooks...lol

I used to be addicted to Lucozade (energy drink) but broke free of addiction...

I am glad you have broken free of your addiction! :yesyes: ^_^ It's a tough thing to do.

[quote name='yes' timestamp='1300209846' post='78141']
cereals for breakfast and pastaaa for lunch.

Yayyyy, cereal and pasta!!! WOOOOT. ;)

Uhm, I finished cooking breakfast about an hour ago. I'm onto my last plate now :o . I made myself old-fashioned rolled oatmeal, boiled in skim milk, with the following: largely diced JoanaGold apple (1/2 an apple, very sweet-tasting), a handful of raisins, slivered almonds, one packet of Splenda with fibre (for flavor), and two different spices: pumpkin pie spice (which contains allspice, ground ginger, and cinnamon) plus a tiny bit of cinammon sugar for taste.
I couple that with slices of half an orange in a small bowl of vanilla-flavored organic low-fat yogurt. ^_^
And....I have left overs for tomorrow. :ohyeah:
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^ sushi = love.
Breakfast: bowl special k cereal with skim milk, and half a joanagold apple
Lunch: left over basil pearled couscous
Snack: chocolate pretzel granola bar (special k)
Somehwat dinner: Plate of leftover Irish food (two slices corned beef, with homemade mashed white potato, and cabbage) <3 meh dad's cooking. ^_^
Snack thing: leftover oatmeal (from yesterday morning, small portion). I was going to travel for three days and didn't want it to sit in me fridge. :o
What I consider meh dinner (I eat dinner really late): two different granola bars.

Yeah, I ate a lot today :unsure: , but I still feel hungry. = \ Edited by Lena
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My breakfast, today, consists of a navel orange, a fuji apple, and a strawberry flavored Nutri-Grain bar. :o Oatmeal was beyond my thinking capabilities this morning. Went to bed awfully late.

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What I have eaten today =o :

Breakfast: 2 leftover oat griddle cakes (didn't come out the best the other day, but didn't want to waste them) with fruit in them, a strawberry yogurt, and a medium banana. Glass of water.

Snack: 1/4 mini box of raisins, small granola bar, and water.
(After my workout: 11 oz. box of pure coconut water)

And I've munched on wasabi-flavoured roasted peas on and off.

Making pasta for lunch ^_^ .
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[quote name='Lena' timestamp='1301340576' post='83547']
And I've munched on wasabi-flavoured roasted peas on and off.

Hahahaha there are wasabi peas for the taking at my dining hall, those aren't really for me! Gosh, I've eaten a lot today, a LOT of carbs, I need to start eating more balanced lol.

Breakfast: Eggs, Tater tots (both with ketchup) and toast (mmm...school breakfasts *gag*), and strawberry-kiwi juice to drink
Lunch - Pita bread w/hummus, potato skins w/cheese and some beans, cranberry juice to drink.
Dinner - shrimp scampi w/risotto, cucumbers with olive oil, red wine vinegar, and pepper, cut up tangerines, chicken soup, and orange juice to drink.

Need to put some more fruit/vegetables in there. A couple days ago I just nommed a ginormous plate of veggies from the salad bar, I guess I was craving greens or something.
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