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Which song can you repeat all day long?

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"Empire State of Mind" Jay-Z, featuring Alicia Keys. <3 :wub:
Makes me miss where I was born.
[color="#0000FF"][font="Impact"][center] [i] "You can tell by my attitude that I'm most definitely from New Yorrrrrrk....These streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire youuuuu...." [/i] [/center] [/font][/color]
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[i]America, F*** Yeah![/i] - from the movie Team America: World Police

[i]Remedy[i] - Little Boots (it's on my store's playlist, and now it's stuck in my head and stuck on repeat)

[i]The Unforiven II[/i] - Metallica
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[quote name='ohbehave' timestamp='1305315358' post='107808']

Probably Guns N' Roses- November rain

This but surely it is, not probably
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