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What have you done today?

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-Woke up, showered/dressed for work

-Had Jack in the Box breakfast (since it was getting kinda late)

-Worked a crazy 12 hour shift

-Came home

-Had dinner with with my roomates




And came to EW.net before heading to bed. :P

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- Got up, got ready

- Waited 3 hours for my boyfriend

- He shouted at me so I cried

- Brought a game

- Went home

- Went for a shower

- Drank alcohol

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Lets see... had a hearty breakfast, walked in the surf and swam in the ocean for a bit. Then rode a boat around the island a couple times then went to do some snorkeling in a corral reef, rode on a banana boat for a bit, then went off to do some reef helmet diving and then some parasailing. Afterwards, took a shower and went to a restaurant/bar to get a snack and a few drinks. Still here actually.


- Sex

- Played the PS3.

- Back garden with my boyfriend

- Watched my boyfriend play my PS3 while I slept on him

- Sex

- Walked my boyfriend home

- Shower/Ate/Rest


Twice in one day? dayum haha

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Twice in one day? dayum haha

haha :D What can I say. :P


Went shopping. Got spoilt after my operation yesterday. :) It's not all of it I spent about £80 - £90



I cut off my underwear. :P But yes, I got the American VOGUE! YAY! :D

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- Woke up and got ready

- Played the PS3

- Took my boyfriend home and did some shopping

- Went for a shower then ate

- Come on here

- Got shouted at

- Put Alice In Wonderland on

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^Sounded all good up until the second to last one.


Woke up at 10am.

Came on here for way longer than I probably should have.

Went to school at 2pm for a pre-production meeting for our next film shoot.

Came back on here to kill time while watching TV.

Went for a BMX ride at 8pm with my mate (It was wet).

had a LAN gamming sesh.

Now Im back again before I curl up to go to sleep.


Twas a good day

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I was cabling for the floor camera for the Canada vs America ice hockey game in Auckland.

The goal keeper asked me to pass his drink bottle, thats how close we were.

I am now convinced that ice hockey is the sport of the Gods! It was such fun!

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ate some scrambled eggs my mum made for me,

Nothing beats food made for ya! :D


Hade such a sick day today.

Woke up at 5:55am to go out to film set.

Set up the location, started shooting at 9am.

Solid day of filming, I was boom operator.

Had the boom pole break in the funniest way I can think of.

Filmed up until 5pm.

Got home and cranked some Post-Hardcore.

Cooked up a mean feed of sausages, veges, mashed potato and home made gravy with mushrooms and onions it it :drool:

Blasted the same Post-Hardcore album.

Now am chilling on the couch blasting yet another Post-Hardcore album.


Sweet day

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